Photoshop: Switch to each relevant tab on "Save changes to Adobe Photoshop Document" when quitting

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I find that if I have a lot of documents open at the end of working on something (Usually 10+) that when I quit I often have images that I've started/altered or pasted something in that I might need later without saving. When I want to close Photoshop it pops up dialog boxes asking if I want to "Save changes to Adobe Photoshop Document Untitled-4.psd" before quitting. The problem that I have is that it doesn't switch to the tab that has "Untitled-4.psd" on it. It just shows the dialog box over some other random image, so I end up having to click "Cancel" then find "Untitled-4.psd" and check if I want to save it or not. What it should do instead is switch to the document listed on the dialog box so that we can check if we want to save it or not.

It's just a small usability issue, but it would greatly improve workflow at the end of a session. I'd prefer not to have to close and manually check 20 documents in a row when trying to close Photoshop.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Both of those images are from the same session when I was trying to close Photoshop.
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  • like Photoshop could be better

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I fully agree with this request.

I have lost my entire work so many times because Photoshop was eating all the memory and had to close it.
Unfortunatly, when Photoshop asks if I want to save a tab it does not display the right one, only the active one. This is very misleading!!
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try{while(len = (d = documents).length) d[len - 1].close()} catch(err){}

Copy above line to Notepad, then save with name "closeAll.jsx" (incl. double quotes). Then move it to:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Presets\Scripts

Relaunch Photoshop and go to 'Edit / Keyboard Shortcuts'. Set 'Application Manus' and find in File command a script called: closeAll

Set the same shortcut you use for closing all opened documents (ctrl alt q by default).

Now each time time you use that shortcut it's going to activate last opened document prior to save prompt, and repeat this operation for each currently last opened document untill all are closed. :D
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled On closing, show the document named in the "Save before closing" dialog..

After using Photoshop for a few hours I often end up with a bunch of unnamed and unsaved document tabs open that I've used to store little scraps, mockups, previous versions of the document etc. There are sometimes 15+ tabs called "Untitled-6" etc. So when I go to close Photoshop, it naturally asks "Save changes to Adobe Photoshop document "Untitled-6" before quitting?". 

Then it proceeds to cycle through the names of the documents and ask which ones I want to save. Great! The problem is though that I often have no idea what is on "Untitled-4" when it's asking. So I then have to close the dialog box and find "Untitled-4" in the list of tabs at the top and then make a decision about whether I want to save it or not. 

What I would really love is that if the document behind the "Save changes?" dialog box would match the document mentioned. i.e. Save changes to Adobe Photoshop document "Untitled-6" before quitting?" would actually show "Untitled-6" behind it instead of "Untitled-32". It would make it a lot easier to make a quick decision about whether to save or discard it. Show the matching document by focusing the corresponding tab behind the dialog box when closing Photoshop. At the moment it seems to just show whatever was next in the lineup of tabs.