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Hello, would love to pay for the Slate app, let's say $10, to have the possibility to switch off the Adobe ad (footer) in each slate. As a photo pro, I need to have a pro looking tool. Ads at the bottom isn't proffessional... Btw - Slater is really great and I love it. Plan to use it for project newsletter etc. THANK you Adobe!
Best, Dietmar (
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Large Bumper --> Less implementation --> Less Exposure to prospective users who will actually pay for the product.

Muted/Less obnoxious Bumper--- > more inclusion ---> more exposure to qualified users.
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Thank you. I bet your reply is exactly what many of us were looking for, an acknowledgement someone at Adobe is actually still listening. Perhaps it's also a way of saying "as developers we're stuck in the middle because we don't set the priorities, we feel your pain, we're frustrated too."

Your comment adds fuel to another very nasty perception out there we hear in the professional design world, that Adobe's software and app offerings might be so diverse that perhaps it has watered down the quality of everything and Adobe's quickness to respond to market changes. We actually hear and read this a lot.

As far as the bumper being a marketing vehicle, we all get that. As CC subscribers though we were made lots of promises like, "Hey beyond our awesome desktop software we are going to give you guys awesome apps to use." And then Slate comes out and we can't really use it for professional purposes with the bumper. I think that is another reason so many folks feel like they are being ignored while their subscription costs are increasing after first year.

Anyway, mega thanks for responding. Adobe makes great products, Slate has a great beginning. Hopefully it can be one of the type of perks we hoped would be part of CC for faithful customers who been with you for decades. We're sorry you are caught in the middle. We hope your management is listening to you so Adobe will have a bright future. It's amazing to us all the free or low cost, one time payment design tools that spring up online each week that begin to rival the quality of Adobe.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can I "white label" my adobe voice content? (remove the adobe footer/info).

All the demos I see have an adobe footer attached. Can I remove that and do my own branding?


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can I remove the big Adobe Slate commercial footer or replace by a smaller one?.
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My assumption was always that Slate might become a paid app at some point in the future anyway, once Adobe had gauged the market with the free version so they could decide appropriate pricing, etc.

Although I suspect removing the free option entirely would be extremely unpopular, there are lots of monetisation options that preserve the free service in some form: removing the bumper, adding additional sponsored ads to the bumper for free accounts, options for seamless embedding in external sites, linking multiple slates into an entire hosted site, adding premium themes for paid subscribers, limiting online hosting storage for free subscribers, etc.

My guess is that measures like this will come in once Adobe feel they have a good handle on the market and Slate's market share is sufficient that there will be enough premium users to support the development of the additional features.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Replace Adobe slate logo and tagline from presentation with personal logo and tag....

How to remove the Adobe slate logo and tagline and replace it with personal logo and tagline

"Made with Adobe Slate
Make your words and images move."
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Any updates regarding the removal of the bumper banner?
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I really love this, but there is no way to use it for my clients with the huge Adobe bumper at the bottom. It is like wearing clothes with a giant logo. It just isn't very classy.
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Same here. Please give us this option.
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Agree with everyone here. This product has great potential.. Except for that gigantic BILLBOARD at the bottom of the page. Adobe, please listen to your PAYING customers. They need tools, not toys.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do you remove the adobe slate footer.

At the bottom of the published slate you have a big section on adobe slate can this be removed?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How to remove adobe slate ad from footer.

Adobe Slate is a great tool for marketing. But for the huge Adobe Slate ad in the footer. Then it is marketing for Adobe. I would love to be able to remove the ad!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Remove or minimize the SLATE footer.

Is there or will there be an option to remove or minimize the adobe footer in the slates?

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