Suggestions to improve photoshop for professional retouchers

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I am a retoucher in New York.
I work every day with Photoshop professionally.
I earn my living with it.

I am very happy that Photoshop. It is a great tool and I am glad Adobe introduces new tools frequently.

In my daily work I often feel that it could be improved much more.
These things are rather minor at first glance but have tremendous impact on my workflow because I use them all the time ( or miss them all the time)

Here is my (wish) list.

1.) A "real" exposure adjustment layer like in capture one , camera raw, or camera raw filter.

2.) Improved visibility of path, especially with 5 k retina screens
the example below does have a path but I can hardly see it, maybe even ad a
color option.

3. Add k value / lightness as info (like capture one) instead of only percentage info

4. Give the puppet warp a "lock tool", or a way to solidly combine anchor points in order to move them together into one direction.

5. Give more control to the transformation tool, so when the cursor comes close to the windows edge the whole image jumps.

6. Introduce a special telephone support for professionals that depend on Photoshop in order to give them a truly exceptional customer support experience. Maybe through a special premium package.

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Posted 3 years ago

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It is best to post one idea per topic - so they can be discussed and voted on separately.
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1) already available as an adjustment layer, or you can convert to smart object and run Camera Raw. Unless your base image is RAW, it'll never work exactly as it does in ACR.

2) people have been making this request for more than a decade

3) you can change the readout in the info panel to be HSV. That's generally how i work.

4) yes, both puppet warp and warp need to be evolved

5) i don't understand what you're asking for

6) in 25 years of using Ps, i've never needed to call a support line. With the internet being what it is, the answer to any and all questions is usually a few keywords away.
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Hi eartho,

1) the exposure in adjustment layer is different than the one available in camera raw or camera raw filter. I would love to have it as am adjustment layer not a smart object

2) then hopefully adobe addresses that soon.

3) I can change it to HSB, Again I would love to have an R G B K readout so I can have a similar workflow from Capture One to Photoshop when I work with different exposures or variants of the same image.

4 We both agree on that :)

5 Hard to describe , I know.
Lets say you copy and past part of an image onto a new layer and you want to enlarge it, the minute your cursor comes close to the upper edge of the window, the whole window jumps almost uncontrollably.

6) I am using Photoshop for at least 20 years, as a retoucher for 12 and I had to use the telephone support quite a bit and it was rather a negative experience. When I ask my colleagues they tell me the same.
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Please enter your suggestions as separate topics (some already exist as suggestions, and some are new).
1) can be skipped, since it already exists.