Suggestion: Tone Curve horizontal dragging (adjust brightness -> then band)

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Currently the tone curve panel lets you drag vertically - where you start the drag determines which 'band' (shadows, highlights, etc) of the image you will modify... then your vertical drag determines how much you will brighten that band.

This constraint is a good thing, it lets you modify exactly one thing during your drag (brightness) without having to keep your mouse motion exactly vertical (which is pretty much impossible, especially when in a hurry). So I like this functionality - I just want to suggest an augmentation to make it even more powerful.

What I would like is a way to shift my drag horizontally. That is, after having started a drag, if I hold the Alt key this allows me to shift my in-progress adjustment sideways - so the *amount* of brightening is now fixed, and I am instead fine-tuning the *band* to which the adjustment is applied.

For extra points, it would be great if the panel remembered the last adjustment I made, so I can tweak it up/down/left/right (this would be more precise than undoing the adjustment and trying to redo it from scratch). Imagine a dot with an arrow, showing where you dragged from and to. Similarly to the way the Adjustment Brush remembers the various edits you've made on the image, with a handle you can use to select each one. But in this case I think only remembering the most recent tone curve adjustment would be sufficient (otherwise the control would soon become cluttered).
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Posted 2 years ago

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