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First an itroduction. I translate Photoshop tutorials and tips  from English into Dutch and use PS for many years. There are some Photoshop translations that could do better.
The  Measure Tool is translated into Liniaal, but actually it is to measure things so it should be Meetlat.
In ACR: Targeted adjustment tool tanslated into Betreffend aanpassingsgereedschap  which tells you nothing about the function. I would prefer (Doel)gericht aanpassingsgereedschap.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree. It's obvious that the translations are done by a translator who is not a photographer nor a Photoshop user, so some translations are ludicrous. The new 'Guided' transformation is translated as 'Met instructies' (which means 'with instructions'). This probably comes from Photoshop Elements, which has a 'Guided Edit' that indeed gives you instructions. In this case however, it should be 'Met hulplijnen' (meaning 'with guide lines').
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Thank you for the suggestions, we will have the translation team review this post and take action as necessary.  If you locate more translations that need correcting, please add to this forum or write directly to "iouri" at Adobe. 

Iouri Tchernoousko, PS localization, San Jose
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I'm a photoshop user and Dutch language-n*zi so this will be fun.
"Historie" in Dutch, can in fact mean history, but is more usually used in the meaning of 'story about something historical'.
The translation most often used for history,  in many programs, the one that we want here, is 'Geschiedenis'.
Similary, there is the 'historiepenseel' which should be geschiedenispenseel.

So I actually came to this place to suggest this change. However now that I've started on the subject, there are so many things.

The menu item 'Glyphs' is untranslated - which can be a choice because of jargon, but in the Windows UI, ever since windows 3, there has always existed a window called 'speciale tekens' (special characters), which seems to have a similar functionality, so I would propose to call this either that, or use the literal translation 'Gliefen' (single: "glief", multiple: "gliefen"), such as is described in wikipedia to mean the same thing and maybe keep a bit of the jargon.

Droplet = druppel? what is a druppel?? It's a drop of water (or other fluid)
Droplet = drop-on applet, apparently. It's confusing even in English, it doesn't tell you what it does.
Druppel has no such connotation, I would suggest something like 'Batch standalone' in English and 'Zelfstandige batch-applicatie' in dutch..

I could go on for a bit, examining the workspace menu by menu, but I actually have to work haha