Lightroom: Ability to create Sub-stacks

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I use stacks in Lightroom for organization. For example, when out photographing birds, I will stack all species together: eagles, hawks, mallards, etc.. This method keeps my library neat and easy to scroll through. I also use stacks for brackets, panos, etc... It would be great if I could stack photos within stacks, for example, when I shoot real estate, I stack all of the job photos, but within that stack, I will have brackets and panos that I would also like to stack. Thanks, Ron
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Posted 2 years ago

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Have you considered collections instead of stacks for this purpose? You can have collections within collectionsets and that gives you the organisation options you want. Stacks are mainly intended for brackets like pano'ss and HDR's. They can be part of collections too.
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In fact stacks are mainly intended for showing the best photo of a burst of similar photos, so they exist in one context (folder, collection) and don't keep those photos grouped together elsewhere in the catalogue, hide the others, and have a mechanism for moving up/down the stack. But many users have used them to group pano and HDR images, and therefore find it difficult when the stack doesn't group the photos wherever they are found in the catalogue.

But the original idea is too complicated. As Roelof says, just use stacking in collections, and use keywords.
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Assuming that you keyword those photos anyway, smart collections are the way to make 'sub stacks'.
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I use keywords primarily for all photo organization and location. I have LR set upon import to create a folder for that day and photos are never moved from that folder or do I ever rename them. Stacks are withing the folder on the day they were taken. After using stacks for years only for panos and brackets, I have found that at a high-level scrolling through the year the stacks create an easy smooth way to review. For example, I may shoot 150 shots of eagles, instead of scrolling through all 150, I see only one eagle photo and the next hawks, and then if later that day I have 75 shots of street photography, again only 1 shot to represent that. It is amazing how well it works. My only stumbling block is that within that greater stack I have panos and brackets I cannot additionally stack them. It's not a big deal but would make it a little more tidy. I also use smart collections with keywords to create virtual folders. I have been using LR since it was first released and have taken many classes online from others demonstrating their organization techniques, but the system I have is the most efficient way I have seen to date. I think I will do a YouTube video about it as it is easy, beautiful and best of all is simple to maintain.
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"But many users have used them to group pano and HDR images "

LR encourages such use by providing the shortcuts Shift + Ctrl + H/G to do a headless merge on a collapsed stack.