Photoshop: Stop "saving a copy" when I say "save as"

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When I have a PSD open and I save it as a JPEG, stop "saving a copy" as JPEG and leaving the active file the PSD.I save as JPEG, resize the image a bit, hit ^S to save again ... and it just silently blew away my PSD, unless I notice and undo and re-save to recover it.When you save-as in in Windows, you always expect hitting save again to save to that same file, not the file you originally opened. Photoshop's behavior is broken and dangerous.
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Posted 3 years ago

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It causes data loss rather than preventing it, since it's so nonstandard. If I save-as, then make a lossy edit and hit save, every Windows application saves to the file I just saved as, not to the original file I opened. Photoshop's the only one that will blow away your original file when you do this.

It's also really annoying when you're just trying to make a few edits to a PNG, save to test, make a couple more changes, save again, etc., because it refuses to just save to the file you want like every other application does. You have to reselect the file again and again.

It would be a lot more useful to just show a "this file format will lose data, maybe you want PSD instead" warning on save with a "don't show this again" checkbox.
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Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I HATE, and that is not too strong a term, HATE this feature because:
  • (a) It interrupts my workflow which I try to automate with the pathetic half-baked joke of a scripting language called Actions; and
  • (b) What Glenn described above is EXACTLY what just happened to me. This stupid, STUPID feature just blew away half an hour's work because I lost focus. To say that it " prevents you from losing the data in your document" is ridiculous. Hey JPGs can't contain alpha channels, well duh. If I am telling Photoshop to SAVE AS JPG, it's a pretty safe bet that I've already factored that issue in.

I have an action that prepares an image to go online:
  • Saves the .psd;
  • Converts the colour space from Adobe RGB to sRGB,
  • Resizes the image;
  • Saves the JPG into my output folder;
  • Shuts down the file.

So when it reaches stage 4 on files where Photoshop's designers think they know better than me what my intention is, it stops. It does not DO WHAT I TOLD IT TO DO and save the current file AS A JPG, INTO my output folder. Instead, it comes to a stop showing the Save As dialog, with the filename and the word "copy" in the filename box, trying to save it into the PSD's own folder.

In other words instead of having a script which just DOES WHAT I TOLD IT TO in clear and unequivocal terms, I have to get rid of the word "copy" from the filename, then manually navigate to my output folder, then remember NOT to save the resized, sRGB file when I get the prompt when the file closure command executes. Because if I don't change the default of Yes to No with that last dialog, then I have LOST everything that Photoshop had to flatten out and change as part of this process; layers, the original size, alpha channels, you name it.

Way to "prevent me from losing my data" Adobe, love your work.