Lightroom Classic: Stealing focus on launch

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When launching Lightroom 6.7 on Windows 7, it can take a little while to initiate and do it's thing (even loading from a fast SSD).

Normally that'd be fine as I just bring other programs to the foreground and continue with other tasks while it loads in the background. However, I count 3 times where Lightroom steals priority from whatever other program I have just to show me the next step in its loading process. Please make it stop or only do it at the very final step?
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Posted 4 years ago

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This is insane. Hate Adobe.

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Here is a digression fwiw. One evening, having left my computer on since morning, I noticed in Windows task manager that Chrome had written many gigabytes to my SSD. I do not know if this is still bad for SSDs, but it irked me. After some assiduous web browsing (look for "Issue 40407: Windows 7 Jumplisticon massive performance bug") I learned that Chrome writes the contents of every tab to a local cache for quick recovery in case of a crash. It does this almost continuously, whether the tab has changed or not. The bug was not fixed for seven years. I think part of it is still not fixed. I moved my Chrome cache to a magnetic drive. I occasionally hear it churning away.

The point is that even software companies of high repute have disgusting bugs that they ignore forever. Because you aren't going anywhere. Sure you can switch to Firefox or a LR alternative, but they have their own problems (Firefox has a similar cache, but at least lets you set the poll rate down).

Back when everyone had a big hate on for Microsoft (you may be too young to remember), a lot of us bought their stock as an "emotional hedge". You hate them, but feel better because they make money for you. You could buy Adobe stock! (This is not financial advice.)

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Upvote on this. Incredibly frustrating that 1 program in the same suite of Adobe products doesn't have the same start-up / boot behavior as the rest.
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Lightroom takes about 15 seconds to load up on my computer. Because I fully expect Lightroom to take its time to load up, I like to browse the internet or do other things while it loads. However, Lightroom will constantly steal the focus away from my active programs every time I switch back to the other program. Please allow Lightroom to open up silently in the background.