Still no answer to "Metadata has been changed...." problem

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For the past couple of years, I've been getting the message "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application.  Any of my files stored on my networked server display this problem even if I use nothing but Lightroom to work on them (now CC Classic)   As a rather inconvenient workaround, for the last couple of years I've put current "work file" images on local hard drives (main editing computer) and then backed up to the server - which nullifies the whole point of having a server !!   Files are then backed up from the server to a NAS box. Incidentally, I thought that local adjustment brushes and spot removal tools would work faster and be less "laggy" with files on a local HD, but absolutely no difference (my PC is extremely high specification especially for photo editing)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Are the files on your networked server backuped?
Some backup applications changing the archive atrribute of files. And while this is metadata it is possible that Lightroom see this as an change.
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No, not the files in question.
If I import files from a source e.g. compact flash card, direct into LR and set a folder/sub-folder on my server as a destination, when it has completed the import and converted CR2 to DNG there does not initially appear to be a problem.  However, if I work on them in Lightroom, I get the "!" icon and the message "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application".
If I do the same process but on to a local disk in the PC, I do not get the problem.
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The archive attribute should not be counted as image metadata - and as you said, the files aren't backed up anyway. Do you have any idea yet what changed? Did you notice anything in the metadata?
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Do you have to change the files in Lightroom before it notices that the metadata is out of sync? Or does it happen spontaneously for files that you aren't editing in Lightroom?

If the latter, it would be worthwhile to check the modify date of a file to see if it has in fact changed outside of Lightroom accessing it (e.g., modify date-time later than when you launched Lightroom). If it has, then Lightroom is correctly describing the situation, and the diagnosis will probably be found in finding the program that is modifying the file. 

In either case, if you are sure that no other program has changed the metadata while Lightroom was running (which seems to be the case), or even if another program has changed the metadata but you wouldn't want to use those changes, then you can just Save Metadata to File (⌘S) and not worry about it. Whether this is a bug in Lightroom or something else going on with your computer, the workaround seems pretty simple, certainly simpler than the procedure you are now going through.

PS -- it might be useful to note whether you are using Windows or Macintosh, as problems like this are often peculiar to the operating system, and possibly other attributes of your setup.