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Back in the day, LR used to export one file at a time. Then, many people discovered that you could start up 3 exports and triple the export speed (1/3 time). So, now, the LR team has obviously integrated this triple-up export but the UI becomes unusable. 

I really wish the LR team would take this software back to the foundation and really take a hard look at how to speed this up. I've tossed so much cash at machines that are wicked fast but feel like an x286 when I fire up LR nowadays. Every single user (every single user) feels this way. 

The software should be mouse-move aware. If I have an export queued up that will lock up the UI, be aware that I'm still doing work and PAUSE the export until the mouse is idle for 5 seconds. Take a page from FCPx and how they handle real-time rendering. 

Give me a way to seamlessly move between original file editing and proxy (smart preview) editing. Taking the files offline so I can edit on my 4k monitor is getting very annoying. 

What's up? (for reference, my machine is a 4790k at 4.8GHz... geekbench 64-bit cpu/mem test is over 5000. A Mac Pro cylinder hits 3600)
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  • yeah, frustrated, like always.

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My experience is, that it is not a good idea to do something else, wile LR is rendering pictures, because it forgets which selection it was supposed to render and will suddenly render photos that have not been selected for rendering, but are the current selection of photos I was working on, while rendering was going on in the background.
Also starting multiple exports did mess up my exports, leaving some exports only partly rendered with images missing, etc.. The whole background rendering thing does not work for me and thus, I start one rendering set at a time and leave LR untouched while doing it's job. That unfortunately is the only way, that I can be sure, that all my rendering selections will be complete and as they should be.
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Hmm... I've exported hundreds of thousands of images and have never experienced LR forgetting. Never partial exports, never swapping of rendering. Maybe a computer issue? 
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I have to agree with Sean. I too wish that Adobe would stop trying to iphone-ize LR and get back to serving the working professional and not the selfie crowd. I do not need to use LR on my iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV for cryin' out loud. I need to use LR to make a living on my MacPro.
Start with changing the database to a true SQL DB, instead of SQL lite. Rework the rendering engine and the keywording. Focus on performance, not cute features that no professional either wants or needs (mainly because they do not work as advertised; e.g. face recognition). .
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Re export check this post I have added recently about export being much faster after restart, it's the life story of lightroom, performance and coding are not that great but lovely UI. I wish Capture One bought Lightroom or vice versa...