Elements: Is there to send layers to specific x, y image locations?

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Is there a way to send layers to a specific XY location on the canvas using Photoshop Elements?

For example, I paste a layer on to the canvas and want the image to go specifically to the top left corner (let's say pixel location (0,0)). Then, I paste another layer and want it to be exactly 450 pixels to the right, let's say (450,0).

I saw a solution to this problem using 'command + t', but it did not provide me with the ability to input XY coordinates -- it only allowed me to crop/resize the image. I imagine the 'command+t' solution is only available in the full version of Photoshop.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Did you consider adding guides to move the layer based on the top left corner?
Menu View >> New guide and you specify the horizontal and vertical guides to move the layer.
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Thank you, that does help me to align my layers manually.

However, and I am at fault for not mentioning this in my question, I am trying to automate the consolidation of many layers into one canvas. Therefore, I was looking for a keyboard shortcut that could allow me to position the layers as the automation program pasted them. I figured out a work-around for the lack of positioning command outlined below if you or others are curious.

I noticed that Photoshop will automatically place the layer at the center of your viewing window. So, I decided to zoom in until my viewing window was roughly the size of my layers (200% for 650x450 pixel images). Then, I used the Python module PyAutoGUI to automate the keystrokes that allow me to copy and paste my desired layer in the center of that viewing area. Next, I used PyAutoGUI to scroll my view 60 "scrolling units" down, where I could then paste the next layer without it overlapping with the first.

It would have been preferable to indicate an exact number of pixels to scroll, but this method is sufficient to allow me to automate this process and return to my computer with an organized output on my canvas.

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Hold on there, Jeanne, don't go away yet;      

Wowzie!   Sounds like a lot of work to me.   Checking one of my full Photoshop's, there is no command that refers to what you describe.  Likewise, checking Photoshop Elements versions 8 thru 15 there is not a key command you describe.   And yes, I have them all, plus Light Room and many others.   The old copy/paste command may located a layer to the center but the move tool is easy enough to move something around, without all the key pounding.   I'm a mouse user myself.  I remember other programmers liked to use their keys but I was light-years ahead of them most of the time.   

Don't mean to be sarcastic but I'm not sure if this type of command would be utilized by many, even if it was made into a common tool for Elements or Photoshop.   Perhaps you could give more examples of how this kind of tool would benefit a typical user and the many times and ways a user would need such a tool to be handy, down-in-front, or within a mouse-click.   A developer like me would certainly want to know this.   Thanks in advance for answering this question.   

(good answer Michel)

Steve Lehman, MCSE responding