Special Brand Colors to Override Adobe Color Management

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The top-level corporate team chooses PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HTML for us to use. I notice that Adobe Libraries does a pretty good job of translating RGB to CMYK and vice versa depending on your document mode. But it's not completely perfect. 

It would be so useful if we could do something souped up for branding colors that sets how color should be handled for each document type. Say, you want to "set" a color as a special "brand color."

Right click color in Library, "Set as Brand Color" and this brings up the following dialogue box:


This way, these could override Adobe's color handing. This would save me and others soooooo much time. I don't know if it's a possible thing, but it would be amazing to implement into the Adobe Libraries. Heck, I'd like to see branding parameter functions or plugins used in this way so we could "work within" brand guidelines, since that's what so much of us designers use. ;-)

This doesn't sound like a big deal, but if I need to match something so that it "blends into" and matches a background color, it can quickly turn into a huge deal and turn into numerous extra clicks. I'm working with designs that must translate to multiple campaigns, from booth signage to print collateral to matching social and web. I need the colors to be spot on. :-)
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This is one of the many posts on here that is completely irrelevant to me. I use Photoshop daily and never do I have any need for this. It amazes me to see the arcane uses and requests on here. 
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I see your point as a solitary designer, but for larger scale projects and companies, I disagree with you.

1. Brand Compliance. In our large company, not everyone is a trained designer. Color management matters a lot to me because I spend a LOT of time correcting inaccurate color (in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, what have you) in web files, collateral, and signage. It gets tedious!

Because the color choices come from the top, we have to match them. If I could color manage a library and ship that out to my regional users, I feel like it could cut down on a lot of my wasted time and improve color compliance. Correcting would be a matter of simply changing the color mode on the document instead of checking every color in the file.

2. Decision-making. We are a sister company under a parent one, so although it'd be nice to start with one color mode, let Adobe color manage it automatically, and call it a day, that's not going to happen, and I'm sure it's the same for many other places.

3. Color isn't that simple. From a PRINT/color specialist standpoint, I think it speaks for itself that CMYK to RGB to PMS isn't always a 1:1 deal, so having the ability to override and set these inside the libraries could be very useful in my situation. Some color specialists are going to subtly shift the CMYK to RGB around because...blue/purple shift.

It's true that for Photoshop you probably wouldn't be using this a lot because Photoshop is a bit of a limited, raster pony. But when you take into account all the programs connected to the Libraries, I stand by the fact that this would be super useful! I stuck it in Photoshop section because, as other users have pointed out, there's not a Creative Cloud section. :D

Branding is a lot of what I do, so perhaps this is why I value it more than the average bear. ;-)