Some Suggestions for speeding up workflow in CS6 Downloader and Camera Raw

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So far I've mostly been playing around with Bridge in PS CS6, and there are some features I've been wishing for that still aren't here, and some new ones that came to light based on the new features.
1. When downloading photos, I wish the Bridge downloader would remember the last custom filename I used so I don't have to retype it over and over when I'm downloading multiple cards of photos.
2. When downloading, I'd like to be able to add metadata for the whole batch directly in the downloader when I don't have a template (the templates don't apply properly when there is data from the camera in the field, like copyright info and photographer name).
3. I don't use the "save a copy" function in the downloader, because it doesn't save the copy by my new name an folder structure. It would be great if the "save a copy" created the same filenames and new folders as the first copy in the secondary location.
4. In a perfect world, I'd like to be able to tell the downloader to download a whole card full of photos, but create a new folder every X photos, so I don't have to manually download photos in batches of 100 at a time. With the bigger file sizes of new cameras, some of my computers don't have enough ram to open an 8 GB folder of photos in Bridge. If I could tell it to download movies to a separate folder that would be pretty cool too.
5. In Camera Raw, in the adjustment tools, I like that a tool remembers the last adjustment settings I used, but I'd really like a way to quickly zero out the settings of a given tool so I don't have to manually set everything back to 0 before starting a new adjustment. With so many sliders, that sucks up time.
6. In Camera Raw, I like that I can click a box to get rid of chromatic aberrations, but sometimes even with the box clicked and the edges defringed, it's either not enough or a bit too far, or the best correction is not in the important part of the image, so I wish there were a manual override in addition to the check box.
Just a few functions that would speed up my workflow.
Thanks for your continuing innovations!
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