Camera Raw & DNG: Snapshot does not load adjustment brush setting on second go

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I have the latest camera raw, and there seems to be a bug with snaphots. It does not always change the adjustment brush settings when you load a snapshot. It seems to work first go, but not subsequently.
eg load a snapshot (where the brush sharpness is 100%. Adjust to -100%. load snapshot again - it goes back to +100%. But if you repeat the process, it stays where it is and doesn't go back to the setting in the snapshot...
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Posted 7 years ago

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However, if you make a tiny change to another setting, then load the snapshot, it works again.

Its almost like the snapshot doesn't notice you've changed anything since it was last loaded, so it doesn't bother loading again, even though you've asked it to.
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What platform are you on? (Also, assuming that Camera Raw 6.5 is the latest you're using)
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Official Response
1. for local corrections I would use local corrections settings instead of snapshots since it is an easier workflow
2. Was the pin active when you came back to local correction after applying the snapshot? Try clicking on the pin to activate in order to see that effect actually took place.
3. Can you please send step by step instruction on how to reproduce this. My steps could be different then mine. Feel free to send it to my email: Thanks!
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There can be many local corrections, both separate brushed areas which are represented by pins and gradients, which also have pins but display the H shaped overlay when selected. The sliders are only connected to a specific local correction when it is the active selection -- e.g. when that pin is clicked. Generally the sliders will not change when loading a snapshot.

When no pin is selected, the sliders don't affect anything and the general design principle is they don't change unless the user moves them or selects a pin. The + and - buttons down the side are there to quickly allow you to set an initial state for a correction. (They zero all the sliders other than the one clicked and set it to either a positive or negative starting position.) As Adriana mentions, local corrections presets are also available.
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Hi, thanks for your responses, but I still think this is a bug. I am using snapshots to save different stages in my adjustments, in case I change my mind and want to go back.

In reply:
1. yes, but I want to save a snapshot of the state of the whole image
2. it doesn't matter if the pin is active or not - the adjustment should still be visible on the image
3. Step by step:

a) open image (in my case a Nikon NEF of a face)
b) click local adjustment, then colour in the eye with a + 4 exposure - they eye goes white
c) save a snapshot - eg 'white'
d) go back to the local adjustment pin and turn exposure down to -4 - the eye goes black.
e) Now go back to the snapshots and reload the snapshot - they eye should go white again, but it stays black - the settings have not been reloaded.
f) as a final test, create a new snapshot. Now if you click back to the 'white' one, it does reload!

Its as if the snapshot doesn't realise changes have been made, so doesn't bother to reload. Only seems to affect local adjustments, other settings are fine...