Photoshop: How do I make linked Smart Objects via drag and drop?

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When I drag and drop a PSD  file, or make a smart object, enter it (by double click on the smart object layer) and save somewhere on my computer, it makes a copy of it and doesn't update one in the project.
What I mean is that the smart objects used to work as links for external files. Now, when i drag a PSD file and enter it, it seems to land in the temporary files (it's not linked with the dragged file and when you "save as" the root folder is temporary files). Furthermore, when I try to save the file that has somehow landed in teporary files (i understand new smart objects but not dragged ones) to have that linkage between the placed file and the project, it actually doesn't save the smart object in pointed place but makes a copy of it. I enter the smart object from the project and it's still in temp files...

I noticed there is and option in the menu File > Placed Linked... and it works as dragging worked before. However, this option is not that good, because I can't place multiple files in that way (like I have 40 products). Plus, the "Save as" in the "Linked Object" doesn't work as it worked before, which is also so so so annoing. It would be fine if there would be a window with "linked files" and relink option, but there isn't.... instead there's and option "Relink to file" but there's no make a copy of it so I can duplicate and relink these files... before if I wanted to make a new or a copy of smart object from the one  that was linked I just right clicked on the layer and presed "New Smart object via Copy". It landed in temp files but I could easyli enter it and save it wherever I wanted on my comp and the results ware shown in my project. So easy user friendly and straight forward option. Even a child could figure it out. Now I don't understand the whole concept of smart objects if they always end up in temp files and I can't save them - It's just nonsense. I can make a linked file from them and I will see the changes but It is so complicated to make another (different) linked file without choosing Menu > File > Place Linked... everytime.

There is no option, or I don't know  or noticed where it is, to have linked files when i drag and drop. Is it so hard to make an option in preferences for that if you make such a drastic change? Or to make a script that recognizes a type of the file and makes an embed if it's not layered or a link if it is? or at least a dialog box like for ai files? Or even why separating this? It worked so well! If I wanted to make a smart object from raster layer I just right clicked on layer and "Convert to smart Object", enter it end saved where i wanted. There was also same easy other way arround to make a raster from smart object. Now i can't see the point of making embed layers other than not to lose quality when you scale them - can't you go back to where it was with Smart Objects and make every raster graphics quality loseless?? Who even wants to have poor quality images when he scale them down and up again?

I don't understand, who makes those silly decisions, that instead of making this software easier and more user friendly is making it leaky, more complex and time consuming than it was before! 

I understand there are more and more options comming and you have to make a room for them. But you always force push all the changes without consulting it with the end user... Can't you make an "experimental" version of photoshop in Creative Cloud for download, and in it, all the new stuff (different than from the oficial version) would be marked with a border or highlighted somehow, with an option to coment them for the user (if you hover for a while over them a dialog box with comment window apears, or a small icon next to that option with some info graphic to open that dialog box)? And when there is a propper final product, take it to the official version (no more than once a year)? Anounce it and stay with these highlights for those that didn't participate to know something has changed.. It would be so handy for the users and problem solving for the photoshop team...
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Official Response
Yep. What Earth says. Opt/Alt key modifies the behavior to use Linked instead of Embedded.