Lightroom 4: Very Slow Switching Between Modules

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One of my main complaints about LR4 is the slowness when switching between Modules when LR4 is first launched. Going from the Library to Develop it only a couple of seconds....but.....going to the Book module is 25-30 seconds.

I asked this on the LR forum and got the response of basically "that's the way it is", which I (personally) think is bunk...

My computer - 2010 MBP with Intel i5 2.3GHz, 8igs RAM, 500mb 7200 rpm HD, nVidia 330 with 256mb video RAM.

Right now, I'm at the point of dumping LR permanently and going back to Aperture 3.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Does the time to switch to the book module decrease on subsequent switches? There are templates and a significant amount of fonts to load the very first time.
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If I keep LR4 open, switching back and forth almost immediate (after the first initial 25-30 second lag). But...if I close it, and reopen later - it takes the same amount of time. As to the templates or fonts, since I'm using just the "stock" templates from LR4 and fonts from OS X ML, this shouldn't be an issue.
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Each module has some stuff that is loaded lazily upon first invocation. So if Lr starts in Library, but you switch to Develop or some other module, there will be an initial load of that new module that takes a little longer.

It shouldn't take 25s, though, and that is not the "way it is."

My first guess is something station-specific. Have you tried to reproduce this with a test account created for this purpose? This can rule out user-specific stuff. Module loading has little to do with your data set other than the customer templates etc.

Are you using any third-party plug-ins? Installed some third-party templates for those modules? A test account will rule this out.

Since you are on a Mac, I assume you are not running real-time anti-virus protection. But if you are, disable it.

Check for obvious things like getting short on disk space n the boot volume; it may be that this 8Gb is not enough, and virtual memory is swapping like crazy.
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With regard to the book module, two things happen.

1. The Book module has a more sophisticated text engine than the rest of Lightroom. Fonts must be loaded. Large numbers of fonts on a system take longer than small numbers of fonts.

2. Templates must be loaded as well. The Book module has a large number of templates and all are loaded into memory upon invoking the Book module.

Closing the Lightroom session will require the reload of these items the next time you can invoke the Book module.

With regard to the Develop module, the first time the Module loads, all of the lens profiles for Lens Corrections must be loaded. These are the extra delays for these two modules.
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I've installed LR4 on a separate drive and tested under both Snow Leopard and Lion. SL is slightly faster (15-20 seconds to load the Book module) and Lion takes the same 25+ seconds. And this is BEFORE installing any third party plug-ins or templates.

No - I'm not running any AV - mostly because all it does to a Mac is slow down the system.

As to 8gigs of RAM not being enough - horse crap. FWIW, I have a 500gig HD and barely 20% is being used, so lots of room for virtual memory. PS CS6 runs fine, including all filters and such. I'm beginning to think LR4 is simply poorly coded.