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This is a request to replace functionality that was in the product before. There are two related threads:

Original Bug report (which Adobe said is not a problem)

Feature Request for the "Synonym" portion of the problem

This thread is for the "Skip Level" portion of the problem

LR has 3 check boxes on each KW which controls what gets exported on photos marked with that KW. In LR4 (but not prior releases), you cannot turn on "Export Containing" if "Export KW" is off. When LR is collecting the KW's to export on a photo, the "Export containing" check box tells LR to also look at the parent KW to see if it too should be exported (even though it may not be explicity attached ot the photo). This feature allows one to only have to assign the lowest level KW to a photo and by checking the "export containing" box on it and all it's parents you get the entire hierarch exported up through either top level or the first one encnountered that does not have this option checked. In other words it keeps looking up the tree as long as it keeps finding "export containing" boxes checked.

I have many situations (see other threads) where I need this feature but must have a way to skip a level in what KW's are exported yet continue looking up the tree for more. In other words, in a A > B > C > D > E hierarchy, if I mark a photo with E, have it export A, B, D, and E (but not C).

Thanks -- Dan
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Agreed Dan, this part of it causes me an issue as well, although not nearly as frequently. Unfortunately many of us have already converted to Lr4 without realizing what it did to our keyword settings. That being said I sure would like the opportunity to fix them back.

For me the task would be manageable since it only affects my organizational keywords for the most part.