Lightroom CC for mobile: Siri Shortcuts Integration

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There was another request for Siri integration but that was for camera controls. This is for functional integration. — Integrating Lightroom CC for mobile with Siri Shortcuts, would allow users to streamline their workflow and allow app developers to utilize Lightroom more efficiently. Example use cases:

1. Currently Leica’s Fotos app can send files to Lightroom, but only one file at a time. Whether that is a limitation of iOS, or LR isn’t as important as it may have been previously. Since multiple photos can already be imported within LR, that functionality can be exposed to Siri ... allowing apps to send a list of photos to LR, which then LR handles using its current import functionality. In that case LR should return the original object array and set a magic variable (array) with the TRUE / FALSE status of each import that succeeded or failed for app developers or Siri shortcut programmer to act upon. — As it currently exists photos need to be looped through and added to LR one-by-one, which is very inefficient / resource intensive, and is without any indication of import success.

That would be the “Open in Lightroom” Siri Shortcut function.

2. Batch processing, applying profiles and presets to a large number of photos. Enabling users to for example start off with a base level @ profiles, for a large number of photos they would have otherwise had to manually do one-by-one.

Logically those presets / profiles would be applied to the list of photos (or a photo) being imported via Siri Shortcuts, on a per photo basis (to lessen programmatic complexity). Eventually, multiple items selected in Lightroom could be batch edited, but that would be a greater undertaking as LR CC mobile cannot currently batch edit photos. So that would first require introducing a core feature to LR CC mobile. In the case of Siri Shortcuts one-by-one editing is appropriate and loopable in Siri Shortcuts. — Please look at Siri Shortcuts’ “Find Photos” function to see how the selection of which profile / preset to apply might be chosen. The return value should be the original object, and a magic variable for the status. Either that or set two magic variables and return nothing. In that case, the first magic variable would be the object, the second would be the status. Please see the Siri Shortcut “Repeat With Each” (aka “For”) loop function to see how it stores key=>value pairs as magic variables.

These would be the “Apply Lightroom Profile” and “Apply Lightroom Preset” Siri Shortcut functions respectively. If verbally triggered Siri would need to prompt the user to verbally state the Profile or Preset if it wasn’t already included in their first trigger phrase. Similarly in the Open Shortcut, if verbally triggered Siri should open a list of photos for the user to choose from.

Ultimately the Siri Shortcuts feature can grow to eventually accommodate a wide array of workflow streamlining. Whether it’s batch cropping photos, etc. and I believe would be a welcome addition for many.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what’s released next. =)
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