Photoshop: Show layer contents which extend beyond the canvas

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I'd love the option to see what lies outside the bounds of my document and have those items be selectable. As an interactive designer I'm constantly shifting UI elements around during the design phase. It's often that I reposition or draw items where parts of them extend beyond the canvas and if I need to resize or rearrange these items it's difficult for me to see where they stop/start or exist if they lay outside the canvas. I don't see this as an "always on" option, but rather a toggle when I need it (much like hiding and showing guides) and where the items could even be faded back to 50% opacity, for example. I believe this would dramatically improve workflow efficiency.
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Great idea, but I prefer to create in Illustrator and then export as layers to Photoshop. That said, I think viewing the contents outside the canvas would be very useful, even when you need extra donor material for the clone stamp.
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This would be a nice option for designers. (IMO it needs to be a preference because not all users want to see objects that extend off the canvas) I had it on my idea laundry list when we were adding the multi-layer select in CS2, but it never bubbled up to the top. We'll see if there's more support for it.

There is one feature in Photoshop, which kind of lets you do this when layers are selected and Layer Edges is turned on:

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I know that many photographers and digital artists would find it helpful to use the blank space around the canvas as a sort of idea/mockup board.

After all, Illustrator allows the user to place things outside the document parameters. Why not Photoshop as well? It would merely be an extension of an idea that Adobe already had.

I sincerely hope you implement this idea. As a designer, I know that it would be appreciated by your key demographic. :)

Amendment: I'd like to add that working from reference within a photoshop file often creates bulky file sizes. I'd like to recommend a setup similar to Indesign in which the file can place an image outside of the canvas and link to an external source file, thus reducing the working file size considerably. Thank you for your consideration.


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I think it might be cool if any content sticking outside of the canvas were like 20% opaque, so you could see those objects if you needed to, but they wouldn't be so distracting.
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Photoshop:Ability to place reference images around canvas so that digital painters may place reference around an image but not on the canvas.(similar to Adobe Illustrators artboard feature). As a digital painter this would be immensely helpful as having hidden reference layers, oversized canvases with reference placed around, and reference on a secondary monitor is less ideal.

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PHOTOSHOP: Visible artwork off-canvas.

I'd love to see the outside of Photoshop's canvas work like Illustrator's artboard, with elements outside of it still visible. Sometimes I like to have assets 'off screen' for reference or later use, and outside of the canvas I can't see them.
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This is one features that Illustrator took over the main role of my graphic design workflow from Photoshop. Years have been passed. Hopefully it will be launched soon.
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This is available with Photoshop CC 2015 and its new artboards.
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Easy fix, when creating the document check the artboards option, layers inside the artboard will not show off the canvas, but can easily be shown by placing them above the artboard layer.