Lightroom: Show image processing indicator / OpenCL please

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Lightroom is sometime slow to apply stuff (example: noise reduction take about worse case 3 seconds on my i5-4x3.6 Ghz).

feature request:
- Optimise, Optimise, Optimise
- OpenCL in Lightroom. Adobe: I can not believe you do not have enough man power/intelligence to not do it. HD4000 is about 2 times faster as my 4x3.6Ghz (see OpenCL Galaxies benchmark or others). So about CPU cores + HD4000 could make rendering 3 times faster. Moreover, next Intel's HD or current NVIDIA/ATI chips are a lot of faster.
- Show a small sign (like the ! in CameraRaw) when the image process is in progress.

Comments, criticise :-)
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Posted 7 years ago

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I believe the issue is that the processing LR does to each pixel is not something a video-card GPU can help with. Adobe Camera Raw noise-reduction algorithms aren't part of the OpenCL instruction set are they?

LR isn't tiling a texture or ray-tracing light sources or adding fur or fog with internal luminosity or doing hidden surface removal on 3D models projected onto 2D space.

Transferring the pixels from CPU-memory to video-memory is about all a video card can help with and that is such a basic function that you don't need a particular type of GPU OpenXX to do that.
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Nicolas DET

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I disagree.

OpenCL allow access to a real co-processor. Most of the OpenCL hardware implementation use very fast parralel processung unit.

Those should do very well by image processing. The design problem is how to make things acting well together (CPU, UI, OpenCL/coprocessor, etc...).

This is the job from Adobe. Adobe does it well in Premiere.

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The request for GPU support is discussed by Adobe employees in this topic:

They say that due to the nature of LR image rendering (which is different from Photoshop or Premiere rendering), GPU support wouldn't provide much benefit.
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Ok. Thanks for the link.

Still GPU could be a nice add-on for export tasks.

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I still think, that if Capture One can be accelerated by a GPU, LR should be able to do the same.
Anyway, if not for the rendering pipeline itself, I would at least like to see GPU based navigation like Photoshop does since several years: Flick-panning, animated zoom etc. Also the "survey" mode should be GPU accelerated. In comparison to Bridge`s GPU accelerated preview, which in the end does the same, it`s stuttering like crazy!
But back to GPU rendering: You might think that problem goes away by itself, because we`re getting faster CPUs every year. But don`t forget, we are also getting more Megapixels, higher resolution displays and more demanding algorithms!
Speed has been a problem for LR since day 1. And it will ever be. So if there`s anything that could be accelerated by GPU, by all means take advantage of it!