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When composing a smart collection that is filtering on keywords, I must enter the keywords myself. Coming from Aperture this was quite a surprise for me: I had expected a drop down list of defined keywords I could choose from. Instead I must exactly enter the keyword as I had defined it, obviously resulting in unwanted and incomplete selections. Add to this the bizar difference between "contains" and "contains all" and getting the wanted results is a bit of a gamble. 
Idea: make the keywords selectable from the keyword list and replace "contains (all)" by "is" and "Is not"
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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree with both of your points. But they're really two different suggestions: Providing keyword completion in smart collections, and providing exact match of keywords.   The lack of exact match on many metadata fields is a glaring omission -- please add your vote and opinion to this other topic:

A tip: When searching for photos containing a keyword consisting of mulitple words, use "contains words", e.g.

Keywords contains words John Ellis

That will only match if the keywords contain both the "word" John and the "word" Ellis.  Whereas "contains" and "contains all" would match "Johnson" and "Ellison".
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How is this a thing?? I went to make a Smart Collection today and was shocked that this is totally missing. Autocomplete (suggestion) is in LR when you >>ENTER<< keywords. Call that effin code here. Then, there's no way to Collect on a single keyword entity. Again, the database can be queried on single keywords. Why is it searching the entire keyword text?? In 2017, this is just baffling but speaks to the LR dev priorities. Bookbuilding? Mapping? Face detection? Useless.. But basic stuff like filtering and searching are impossible (impossibly slow) to use. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Smart collections auto complete keywords.

Add auto-complete text functionality while typing the selection rules of a smart collection.