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I'm on Windows 10 Home (updated to the latest version), my graphic card is a gtx 1070ti (updated to the latest driver) and I use a Wacom Intuos pro (pth-660, updated to the latest driver).

I'm going to describe two problems I have while in Photoshop (21.0.3), using my tablet (but the issues remain with a keyboard and a mouse as well, I tested).

*Problem 1
In the pen tablet software, I assigned the brackets ([ and ]) to the touchring and ALT+LeftClick to one of the buttons of the pen.
Those two operations (pen button pression and touchring slide), when used in rapid alternation, instead of giving the expected operations (brush size variation or spot sampling), they make Photoshop change layer selection (keyboard shortcuts: ALT+[ or ALT+]).
To verify, I checked with mouse and keyboard as well:  ALT+LeftClick+[   just gives   ALT+[, with the LeftClick being discarded/ignored.
Why? The layer selection shortcuts are not ALT+LeftClick+SquareBrackets, so why that combination is giving that outcome?
At least I expect no behaviour at all, but I hope that Photoshop can be instructed to respect the input given, and using either one or the other combination.

*Problem 2
So I decided to assign a different combination to the brush size shortcut and assigned it to the touchring, but to my surprise, while ALL the brush related tools behaves in accordance with the new shortcuts, in other workspaces like liquify and refine mask the shortcuts are stuck to the original square brackets and there's no way to change them.
While I don't mind not being able to change each tool's shortcut in those two workspaces (liquify and refine mask), at least I expect that by changing the brush size shortcuts, those shortcuts are being accepted throughout the entire software and not just partially.

I don't know if this two issues qualify as bugs, but they certainly represent inconsistencies and I sincerly hope they will be addressed.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
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Posted 6 months ago

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I have a similar setup as yours but only slightly similar shortcut issues. I found that previous shortcut keys files, imported from previous Ps cc2019 to cc2020 failed to work properly. My investigations revealed in Ps shortcut keys assignment window that more than one shortcut can be assigned to same function but only one conflicts exist but default to one shortcut.
I am in the slow process of correcting each shortcut when "broken" to assign one to one.
Remember you can list out all shortcuts to an html file and search; so that helps tracking down errors.
I am just now setting up my wacom with Ps and Painter on a new win10 so have not used wacom much (just installed the newest driver) except to know it works; both grip and art pen. Wacom keys need new assignments as defaults are set by new driver.

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Thank you for your post, fortunately I didn't have any issue while migrating from cc2019 to cc2020, but I'm aware of the issue you are facing: I discovered that while assigning function keys (like f2, f3 and so on) to both actions and to menu items, and only one worked as you mentioned.

But can you confirm that pressing ALT+LeftClick+squareBracket gives a layer selection, which shouldn't be, since the "official" shortcut for layer selection is just ALT+squareBracket?

And that a different shortcut for the brush size selection (the default is squareBracket) doesn't work in Liquify and Refine Selection?

As far as I know there aren't "errors" on my side (I verified with a Wacom representative and I had confirmation that the drivers and the products, tablet + 3 different pens, work correctly), I resetted preferences and so and rebuilt all the shortcuts from scratch, both on Ps (I had printed the html file you are referrring to and took note of each shortcut) and on the Wacom Desktop Center (I reapplied all the custom shortcuts I needed).

Besides, you can replicate those two issues with a keyboard, too, so it's definitely not a Wacom problem..