Short-Term Priority: Ease Integration Between Lightroom CC and CC (Classic)

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I've (almost) finished uploading my 20K, ~400GB library to Lightroom (Cloud Native), and I've been playing around with the software for a few days. 

Like most of the optimists here, my current feeling is that the new Lightroom has a lot of promise, but isn't quite ready for prime time yet. (Charitably, it feels more like a late beta release than a true 1.0.) 

Like many here, it feels like I will get some good use out of the new version, and probably enough that I don't want to completely shift back to CC (Classic). At the same time, there are still a *lot* of Classic features that are inexplicably MIA from the new release (the map panel, face tagging/recognition, publish services). 

We've been told that CC and Classic are not intended to be used together, but the sense I've been getting reading here is that there are going to be a lot of us who need to do just that, at least if we want to start using the new software at all. This might not have been the plan, but it seems to be the reality. 

Under the circumstances, I'd suggest that it would be a really good idea to make it a priority to get some patches (like 2-way keywords) in place to make it simpler to use the two Lightrooms in combination while we're waiting for the new version to reach new heights of adequacy.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Je vous trouve bien optimiste d'avoir voulu tous passer sur LRCC... et combien Adobe va vous facturer mensuellement pour tout cet espace disque utilisé sur le Cloud ?

I think you are very optimistic of having wanted to spend all of LRCC. . . and how Adobe will charge you monthly for all the disk space used on the Cloud?...    400Gb..... ????
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I've been paying monthly for the software (on the old CC photography plan) already, and the extra for the 1TB storage is not all that much. For me, having the cloud storage is worth it, particularly since I frequently have more time to work on photos, edit, etc when I'm traveling than when I'm at home. When you add in how often my family relocates, the extra security of having a cloud backup, my habit of using my phone camera and the ease of import for those photos, the cloud is a very good solution for me. 

I recognize, of course, that this is not necessarily true of everyone.
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Looking at both classic and CC, it is clear that Adobe have missed a great opportunity to give the desktop users the benefit of cloud integration to store and edit the basics on the fly. The keyword recognition in CC would be brilliant in Classic. So why on Earth didn’t Adobe put all the useful CC stuff in the classic and visaversa.
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I have exactly the same issues. I have an assistant that do keywords captions, basic image processing and panoramas. It would be wonderful to have seamless sync on those between the classic cc and the cc. Also I think many of us would want to load only current project to the clouds work on them in collaboration or on different devices then once done remove them from the cloud.

So the classic will hold the master catalog and the cloud will be a temporary sharing/collaboration platform.

Maybe some day I we will move everything to the cloud but I can't see myself doing in the near future with 160K images catalog and 6TB of raw images. My guess will be 5 years before the technology price software reach the sweet point.