Lightroom CC for mobile: White balance issue with iPad 4.1.0 update

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Somehow It seems that new update iightrooim cc on iPad and iPhone are using  different "white blance standard" comparing with the lightroom classic on mac. for example, if you set the same temperature and tint on the same picture, it will turn different colour on my mac and mobile device, here is the picture, let me show it.

About version: 

MAC: Lightroom Classic version: 8.1 [ 1200465 ] camera raw 11.1

iPad: Adobe Lightroom cc For iPad 4.1.0 (iPad pro 11inch iOS 12.1.1)

Iphone :Adobe Lightroom 4.1.0 (iPhone XS iOS 12.1.1)



  • Picture1: I set temp 11375, tint 22, looks nothing wrong on mac by lightroom classic, but if I want to get the same effect with pic 1 on lightroom cc for iPad and light room cc on iPhone, I have to set tint to 56 
  • Picture2: If I set tint to 56, it will be as same effect as pic1 on lightroom cc for iPad and light room cc on iPhone , however, turns red on mac lightroom classic as pic 2
  • Picture3 : If I set tint to 22 , it will be as same effect as pic1 on lightroom cc classic, however, turns green blue on lightroom cc for iPad and light room on iPhone as pic 3


I'm sure this is a serious white balance bug on new update Lightroom cc for mobile device, I check the photo that I take before I upgrade, usually the tint will be set automatically to ±10 but not over 20, however after upgrade version 4.1.0, my photo's tint range will be set to ± 50 always,Its very strange

Please help me feedback this bug to adobe engineer and if who have the same problem with me, leave the discussion below please

Thank you sincerely  ❤︎
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Karen Kobayakawa

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  • confuse

Posted 4 months ago

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Ignacio Barrientos, Employee

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thank you for reporting this issue.

Could you give us some more information about which camera you are using.
Information about profiles/presets would help to if used.

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Karen Kobayakawa

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Hi Bernard, 
Sorry for my responding delay.

Unfortunately, I still have WB issue even I do the work with original image, I found that it dose no business with cloud, and...same problem with the web version, looks nothing wrong there when I take my first look.  BUT, BUT, BUT,  if I try to open the adjustment function, the problem will occur as same as Lightroom CC for mobile  Σ(・□・;)
I'm sure this is the problem of LRCC for mobile device(iPad&iPhone) I don't use Android OS so Its hard to judge that, however, at least LRCC version 4.1.0 for iOS does actually have the WB issue (● ́ω`●)

One more questionable place I suggest you to focus on is that if you use internal camera from LRCC, with  pro mode and all setting to be auto (exp, sec, ISO ect...) through your iPhone, may you found that before you update, on last version the tint  value from your raw image (format dng)will be set to ±10 automaticaly, usually, however in this version, you will find that your tint range often goes over ±50 automatically, and visual effects are seems normal and natural  on LRCC mobile, but turns red warm on LR classic if you watch it on your pc or mac, however if you set the value to ±10 to fit the normal visual effect on your computer, with the same ±10 tint value the visual effect will turns green and cold when you watch that image on your mobile device , this really confuse me, would you like to tell me if you have the same problem? ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Thank you sincerely (ᅇ ̆・з・ ̆)

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Hi, i don't have an iPhone so i tried using the Ipad's internal camera and did as you say. Somehow i couldn't replicate your exact issue..but i'm only checking it against LR Web. I also tried importing the photo  by the Ipad through another device so that the Ipad only retrieves the smart preview instead of the original image but I still couldn't replicate.

I do not use Lightroom classic, only Lightroom CC so maybe that differs between you and me. However, i'm still facing some WB issues between LR Mobile IOS and LR CC/Web so i guess there are possibly bugs affecting different scenarios.

Just out of curiosity, did you experience similar issue prior to update?
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Karen Kobayakawa

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Hi, Thank you for you quick responding
No, I never meet this issue before I update to this version, everything is good before this update(ᅇ ̆・з・ ̆)

Yep, as you say, LRCC for mobile and web version somehow have the problem on version 4.1.0, I will try LRCC on mac later to check if it has WB issue also (● ́ω`●)

By the way if you browse this forum recently, I'm sure so many users are complaining about the same problem, so may Adobe release the next update to fix this bug quickly. ♪( ́θ`)ノ

Hope we can receive the new update soon (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ))
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Ok, thank you for verifying.
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Having same issue with LR Classic, and LR CC on Iphone and Ipad since update to 4.10.  When you take the picture and sync file it looks ok.  once you start editing and it syncs to all devices it syncs with a pink or green tint on the preview, filmstrip looks ok.  If you tap and hold on the picture then release it will go back to normal but once it syncs again the pink or green tint reappears.  It only seems to be on lightroom camera but its making lightroom mobile useless at this time.