LIGHTROOM - Selective color – separate adjustments for light vs. dark colors

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I have a Lightroom feature suggestion. One problem wedding and portrait photographers frequently face is when white dresses and shirts have a blue cast when shooting outdoors. From what I understand, this is due to brighteners being used on the fabric, which reflect more UV light. While a spot adjustment / desaturate can be painted onto the offending area, when you're dealing with hundreds of images this can be very time consuming. A far easier way to deal with this is by using an overall selective color adjustment, desaturating the blues. Unfortunately, there are sometimes legitimate darker blue elements in the image that would also get desaturated, so this isn't appropriate all the time.

Back in my pre-press days, the software that drove our Howtek drum scanner had an additional component of selective color adjustments... for each color, you could toggle between separate adjustments for "dark" and "light" instances. In other words, you could saturate and darken light greens, while desaturating and brightening dark greens. Or, relevant to this suggestion, you could desaturate light blues (the blue cast on white fabric) while leaving darker blues alone. This would save wedding and portrait photographers tons of time!


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