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I used the rectangular select tool on an area of my favorite Pokémon and created a new image from it and scaled it up so there would be a close up of that area of the Pokémon, however in my new image, I try to select the background area of my landscape that the whole Pokémon is in front of to scale it to the same proportions using the same rectangular too. however, it is IMPOSSIBLE to select the exact right area and get it perfect, IT GETS MUCH WORSE, once a selection is made, there is NO option to extend ANY border further nor to contract any side or border!!! Gimp will show four boxes in the corner so you can adjust if your initial selection was inaccurate until you apply it. I find myself FREQUENTLY re-attempting making the correct selection. because there is NO OPTION to fix an inaccurate selected rectangle size after you are done dragging. and where I initially click is NOT where the selection starts


GUIDES DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP!!! dragging ANY outside border of the canvas DOES NOT create a guide, and if I try to go to View--New Guide, it ONLY puts a guide on the far left of the image AND IT IS NOT MOVABLE AT ALL!!! NO MATTER WHAT TOOL IS SELECTED INCLUDING JUST MOVE ITSELF, the guide DOES NOT move AT ALL!!! THE ONLY THING THAT HAPPENS IS RANDOM TRANSFORMATIONS ON MY IMAGE OCCUR!!!!!!
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You can transform a selection in Photoshop, or add to (and subtract from) with additional selections. You can also use quickmask mode to paint in changes to selections and use filters to modify the selection.
There are also a number of modification functions for selections: feather, border, expand, contract, etc.

Guides are most definitely movable in Photoshop.

Are you confusing Photoshop with Elements?

Have you tried checking the online help to see how selections and guides work in Photoshop?
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I removed your reply due to the inclusion of inappropriate language.

I don't use Photoshop very much so am not an expert like Chris, but I've never used GIMP which may be at a disadvantage if terms for tools and functions are different between the two and I'm misunderstanding what you're referring to, but also have an advantage that I don't have a GIMP way in mind to try to forget. 

You can transform a selection to give it handles to drag on:

Dragging guides can only be done when a transformation tool isn't active so if whatever tool you're in has a commit-checkmark button and a cancel-circle-slash button along the top then the guides aren't moveable. 

As far as having the alignment buttons enabled when using the Layer Move tool, you have to have multiple smaller-than-full-document-sized objects in different layers and have multiple layers selected.