Selecting Transparent Areas Within A Selection

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I am trying to make a quick selection of a line art drawing which is all in black and that is on a layer which has transparent areas within the drawing itself. Of course any of the quick selection methods will also deselect the transparent areas within the drawing. I am basically just trying to end up with an outline/selection/path running around the edge of the line art drawing that includes the transparent area within the selection as well so that I can fill all the transparent areas with black. If I make a selection of the object and then reverse the selection then the problem is it also selects the areas outside of the object as well. So that wont work. I assume there must be a faster way to do what I am trying to do than by using the pen tool to try to create a path by hand around the edges of the drawing?

Thank you kindly for any help you might be able to offer on this.
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I'm not certain if I have the correct mental picture of what you have, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. I'm also not sure if you want to make a second document or stay in the current one, so let's assume the latter. What I would do (and not worrying if you have a transparent or white background at this point) is use the Magic Wand with a narrow parameter setting (say 10% with a point or 5x5 px variation) and click on your line art itself. I'm assuming it is a true all black as this may not work too well if there are shades of gray in there. Once that is selected (do a little refining if necessary, including smoothing), make a new transparent layer and paste your line art on that layer. Next make a new layer UNDER that layer with the line art and either make it transparent or white (for now at least). Turn off the visibility to all other underlying layers below those 2 layers so that you only have the line art on the transparent background, and the layer directly underneath it. This way, what will show through into the line art layer will be whatever colour you make the underlying layer directly beneath it, which you can colour at any time, any way you like. If you want everything outside your line art to be erased, but will leave everything within the bounds of the line art, you'll then select the line art layer (just the line art itself, not the whole layer - use CMD/CTRL+CLICK on the line art layer), which will give you selection of just the line art. Press CMD/CTR+SHIFT+I to invert the selection. Then using a lasso tool (likely the best but not the only tool) and hold the option key down and select all selected areas inside the bounds of your line art that you want to keep. That should leave you with only the region outside your line art selected. Select the layer underneath the line art layer that is coloured (this is assuming you filled it with a colour). Then hit the Delete/Backspace key. That should get rid of any colouring/background outside the line art and leave only the line art and whatever you have on the next underlying layer visible. 

Again, not sure if I interpreted this exactly right so it may or may not make sense. Let me know and we can tailor things from there.