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The mirrored painting option that came out this past year was appreciated but a little lacking since it's just shy of giving people the option to paint tiled patterns. I've found people requesting this feature for the past 10 years. It would be extremely useful for game designers, textile artists, graphic designers, you name it.

There should be an option (probably just an addition to the existing mirrored painting feature, where if the brush passes through one side of the canvas, it emerges from the opposite side, thus creating an instantly tiled image that can be modified in real time.

The only current workaround is to keep using the offset tool which is especially un-helpful for images that need to lock into one another.

Several free painting applications have this feature and it's been around for at least 5 or 6 years now in Corel Painter. Just don't see why Photoshop can't get around to this, especially since they went through the trouble of adding the mirrored painting feature.
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Agreed. Good job on unlocking a lot of potential for illustrators and digital painters with the symmetry tool, but the tiling/repeating edge painting workflow is, like... 20 years old?

Photoshop is use extensively and professionally in the entertainment industry for 3D texture production.

For texture artists, the process of making a repeating pattern of seamless texture is the same now as it was in what... 1998?
1. Manually calculate half the width and height in pixels
2. Use the offset filter and put in your pixel dimensions to offset. (sorry, no percentage on this!)
3. Fix or paint
4. Repeat again to double check and fix stray edges
5. Figure out some extra process to preview the tiled version cause photoshop doesn't natively handle that either.



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You can use 3D > New Tiled Painting From Layer. Be sure to scale your image up 300% with Nearest Neighbor interpolation first, and rasterize it when you are done.
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Interesting... Thanks for the tip!

Playing with that for a few minutes, it's got some serious flaws that preclude it from profesh use.
- Takes you into unfamiliar 3D space
- Painting across edges leaves seams with any brush
- Brush preview while painting is all grainy
- Stamp tool doesn't cross border

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