Photoshop: Screen Size Resolution Auto or Custom Option(s)

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Accuracy of the "Print Size" View feature by auto-calcutating the "Screen Resolution".


  • The "Screen Resolution" value (in the Preferences > Units & Rulers > New Document Preset Resolutions) is used to calculate the "Print Size" (View menu) display of your document on Photoshop.
  • So, if this value "Screen Resolution" is correct the preview/simulation on screen of your document size for printing is correct.
  • When you know that, it's easy to calculate your Screen Resolution using any online calculator like "Is this retina?" (to find your diagonal size or resolution, just "google" your monitor reference). 
  • Then copy your "Display Density" on the "Screen Resolution" field and your "Print Size" will be correct!

  • The "Screen Resolution" value is a default/arbitrary setting in Photoshop and –even if it was not– if you're customizing your resolution, the value become then obsolete.
  • Second monitor (or more): If you have two monitors*, each one can have different size and Display/Pixels Density so, anytime you're moving your Photoshop Application Frame from one monitor to another... you need to change your "Screen Resolution"!
  • *For example: I'm using a MacBook Pro Retina 15'' (220.53 Pixels/Inch) and a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch (102.46 Pixels/Inch) as a second monitor.
  • Disclaimer: I know that it's complicated to auto-collect infos to auto-calculate this value because of differences like: OS, Monitor, Driver...

Possible solution(s):
  • Ideal: Finding a way to collect all these datas (Hor. pixels, Vert. pixels and diagonal size) and to auto-calculate the actual "Display Density" ^^
  • Plausible proposal 1: Auto-Collect Hor/Vert infos and a field for the diagonal, and a popup window (list of current screens and custom presets) when you're switching your Application Frame from one monitor to another.
  • Plausible proposal 2: Like in the "Scratch Disks" Preferences section, the possibility to setup/attach "Display Density" ("Hor/Vert Pixels" and "Diagonal Size") to the listed monitor(s).

What do you think about this idea?
Any other suggestions to complete this feature request?
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