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14 March 2012
... Dear Adobe Bridge team, thank you so much for my trial with CS5 elements design, paint and all of the other not so obvious features that are available with the CS5 Photoshop Trial.
Unfortunately in some ways I have not been able to make the most of the trial period due to pressures of other commitments and although I really just wanted this usually quiet part of the year to myself just to indulge with your software it just did not work out that way....But! there is always a but not all is lost, A friend from an Inner London Uni has just realised they do not have to invest 3,000 pounds in new camera equipment just buy the devices portion of Photoshop and use a small digital camera for Student Registration and the software will take care of all of the other needs including the security aspects associated with data image collation so, theirs a sale for you.
My recommendation, or should I say request for the developers is a small script that you can turn to when you get lost or stuck as they have in the Qtek 9000 phones it’s a small extension built into the software running on Windows 5, when you get lost or stuck on a particular option such as where is the colour palette click help and the option links drop down or this is where I want to go now and another set of links emerge.
Now I am not for one minute suggesting this option usurps the training courses you are running but when a newbie is faced with an awesome array of sophistication it is sometimes a better option to guide the toe to the stairs rather than see someone not climb at all if you forgive the metaphor, for myself I just wanted to succeed just a little bit before having to get back to the real world again but the Labyrinth of options just did not allow for the limited amount of time available for my creative side...The old, old, story for us all I’m afraid but you could change that with just a small push on the saddle at the optimum moment to keep us going!
Hope this makes sense.


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Posted 7 years ago

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Rambling aside... How is your request different from the search already built into the help feature of our applications?
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... Sorry Mr Cox I was under a different misapprehension, I have been led to believe that the Adobe Family was a friendly gathering.
Following your snippey comment I will close this thread and leave the forum after this post.
Toxic elitist attitude I can get anywhere on the net but this is the last place I would have expected it.
Have your last say then expect a filter block redirecting any further comments from you into the bin.
Do not reply after this post has been removed.

I'll ramble as and when I want to, as will a great many others who turn to the net for the best and not the worst of academic online support.... education that WE paid for out of our taxes in order for you to use this forum to show us how clever you have become...snippy or otherwise.