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What about a way to export into HTML canvas instead of just the normal same old jpeg, bmp, png, etc?

HTML5 Canvas capabilities are going to be big so why not allow photoshop to export into that type?
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Posted 7 years ago

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I think that a better support to SVG standard should be a good idea too. But Adobe seems to ignore standards.
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The HTML canvas element is a method to display image and vector content in a scriptable (or procedural) way. Its not an image container format in and of itself. One would still need to store the image in an image container format (such as JPEG, PNG, etc..) and would have to load the image using javascript and then render it using the canvas element. Thus the request to "export directly to HTML canvas" doesn't make a lot of sense.

As for SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics, as its name implies is a vector graphics container format (with some other bits like event handling thrown in there). Though there are provisions to store raster data in an SVG (in the form of an embedded PNG or JPG image) that is not the primary purpose for SVG. Since what Photoshop primarily outputs is raster image data, the best output targets for that would be raster image containers like the ones that are already currently supported.

And finally, Adobe was a member of the SVG Working Group.
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Why can't one ever just submit an idea these days? Seems like you have to also explain how to do it and what to do lol...

Anyway, I said that HTML5 canvas is going to get bigger and bigger, and this is most likely because
1. As you said it has vector capabilities.
2. It's faster and requires less bandwidth than using images.
3. There's a major supporting and growth rate

So you wouldn't be exporting to a png or jpeg or anything like that, but rather you'd be exporting the code that generates the image you've created in Photoshop.

Obviously there would be certain limitations, but there could be a "mode" that doesn't allow the user to "break the rules" and do something outside those limitations. For example, pasting a picture of your dog would be almost impossible to convert into HTML5 canvas code. Therefore don't allow certain objects to be pasted when in "HTML5 mode". Similar to how you can't use certain filters when in 16-bit mode.