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I have this happen all the time - I set a gigantic file to save and then get a call from a client who really needs me to look at these jpegs right now... but my Photoshop is useless while it's busy saving!
Would it be possible to set Photoshop up to make it split the memory used for saving files and working files, allowing for two functions at the same time?
It could work both ways - you could set most of your ram to get sucked up by "save" mode (only while a file is saving of course!) while leaving just enough to open small preview documents.
On the other hand, you could also allow a fraction of the ram for save, leaving your files to save very slowly while leaving Photoshop fast and free to start the next file already.
It would almost be like a "save queue".. similar to the develop queue that softwares like Capture One employ...
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Posted 8 years ago

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Memory isn't the issue.. being able to read one document while writing another and both are using the Photoshop VM system is a pretty big issue.
But we'll think about it.
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"But we'll think about it. "
In this case, can I change the status for "under consideration"?
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If you have to look at jpgs aren’t there alternatives?
Even Bridge might suffice.
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The underlying issue is similar for an Auto-Save feature - the ability to save a file while continuing to work on another:
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Hi Jeffrey,

I am aware of how much memory the save function draws and the fact that it locks you out completely from using Photoshop is something I truly think can be improved upon.
Christoph - many times, I am able to go into Preview or Acrobat to view jpeg files (Bridge and Photoshop really don't get along when I work on large files).
However- I often get requests to do Photoshop moves on jpegs.
Sometimes it's a quick preview for a magazine or a change to a tech scout image.. and then I have to wait.
The most annoying thing is to set a file to save and then have my clients walk up and ask me if they can see what I'm working on.
Even just having the option of opening another image or even clicking into another image that's already open and zooming in without being able to edit would make my life much easier.
When files take fifteen minutes to save, it would seriously help my productivity if Photoshop kept some functions usable.
(btw... I dont' need a newer computer - I'm often working on 5-10gig psb files ;)
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Nina. Thanks for posting this. I'm sure many of us wished to be able to start working on other files while current file(s) are saving.
To me, this would be very, very cool addition to Photoshop's functionality.

I'm glad you started this conversation as many possibilities could arise from this new proposition. For example, imagine to be able to process an intense filters or complex action while working on a different document!

For us who deal with heavy work load, where minutes make a difference between making the deadline or not, would appreciate this feature allowing us to work on multiple files simultaneously.