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I have a dual monitor setup here that I use in two different ways, and as workspaces are implemented at the moment it leads to a frustrating issue.

My main screen is the internal display on an iMac Retina 27" running El Capitan. The second display is a Wacom Cintiq 24HD.

For photography work, I like to use Lightroom and Photoshop on the iMac's screen, with my commonly-used panels open on the main and the rest over on the Cintiq to the left of me.

For illustration work, I need to switch to the Cintiq as my main and just a few important panels arranged around the edge of the Cintiq's screen. Because I'm using the pen on the Cintiq and I hang the Cintiq over the edge of my desk while using it, I rarely use any of PS on the Retina side.

I manage this at the moment with two workspaces in Photoshop, one named Retina and the other named Cintiq, that I save the relevant workspace into before I swap from one to another. This only works sort-of OK though; the problem I'm having is Photoshop tool dialogs aren't attached to a workspace but remain mostly on the last monitor they were used. I'll often swap between the two workspaces a few times a day and each time I go to the other workspace, tool dialogs are left behind on the previous display.

As an example of the problem, If I'm editing photos on the Retina side and go to change Levels then the Levels tool dialog will open on the Cintiq, because I used it there last. Because the Cintiq has a fan and the rest of my setup is silent, I often turn it off while not using it, and I don't see straight away that the dialog has opened in the wrong place - after finding it I'll move it manually to the Retina side and all's well with my photo-editing session from then on. If I then move to the Cintiq for illustration and I'm firmly in the flow of pen mode and say, change Levels again, then the dialog opens on the Retina side (again where it was last used) and I need to hunt for the mouse or flick the pen over to spanning mode momentarily to drag the dialog back. Every time I switch from one display to another I have a session of great frustration as those tool dialogs appear on the previous workspace's side. 

The persistent tool panels work fine (like Layers, swatches etc). They follow where they were saved with the workspace. As far as I've experienced this issue, error dialogs are also fine as they dynamically follow wherever the window I'm using is (say I click the clone tool without setting a source point, the popup error dialog will always appear on the same monitor as the window I'm working on), this problem seems only with interactive modal tool dialogs like Levels, Hue/Saturation, Curves, New document, New layer, Filter Gallery, Liquify etc.

If the tool dialog positions were saved with the workspace, or would open only on the same display as the active photoshop window/tab (or mouse pointer) in the same way as Error Dialogs, then this would fix this problem.

Note: I'm likely a little unaware of internal photoshop architecture or the precise correct names for various window kinds. I use the term 'Panels' to apply to things like Layers/History/Swatches, 'Tool Dialogs' to apply to popups like Levels/Curves/New Layer, and 'Error Dialogs' to refer to those little popup warnings about not being able to move locked layers, or cloning/healing without a source point. It's only the Tool Dialogs I have problems with when switching from one display to another.

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