Photoshop: Russian version CS5 is HORRIBLY translated

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I use an English version of Photoshop CS5 at home for the sake of my sanity, but at work I'm stuck with Russian version, and it's horrible. Not at all what i would have expected from Adobe...

Some tools have different names in different places referring to them - one tool has two names, and unless you call up that tool and remember what came up, there's no way you can guess what it is by its name before using it.

Some other tools are named by synonymous terms - two words meaning the same thing, when it's actually two different things, and when, in fact, one of the names have absolutely NOTHING to do with what that tool does.

Some other tools had swapped their names - when i tick Auto-select > Layers it actually selects Layer groups, and vice versa, and it's been there for years now, absolutely unfixed. So when i want to auto-select individual layers, i need to make sure that Group selection is ticked... How is that a normal workflow?

Some other tools have mistranslated names, they are named by a word that sounds similar to its English original, but its Russian meaning has nothing to do with that tool or with graphic programs at all, for that matter.
VIBRANCE is named VIBRATION in there, for God's sake! "Change image vibration", oh man, this picture is vibrating so nicely, just like my phone over there... Such mistakes are only made when a translator doing the job haven't ever seen a program he's translating, or don't know the language he's supposed to translate from. Or both.

Most open source software don't have such problems with translations, who would have expected that from Adobe products, with their pricetags so far from "free" of open source? Russian version of Photoshop is rendered nearly useless by these outrageous translation mistakes and Russian support fails to even acknowledge there's such a problem and any reports of it. They just simple ignore it...

P.S. To prevent questions why i won't simply use an English version:
a) Adobe DOES sells Russian version, and it's not free, still solid $500 with all its "language perks" - why to sell a product if it's quality is compromised? They don't sell English version of Photoshop with menus written in "all your base belong to us" style, after all.
c) Many firms supply designers with pre-installed Russian version Photoshop, and there's nothing you can do to make it go away.
b) Not all people know English.

P.P.S. I'm sorry for the emotional post, but this has really got onto my nervers :(
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