Photoshop Mobile: Rotation of canvas on iPad

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Before anything else, Rotation of canvas in Photoshop for the IPad needs to be in your NEXT update.  I started using Photoshop once you installed a rotation of canvas tool.  Before that it was just a computer software tool.  Before any other tool is installed PLEASE install Canvas Rotation!!!!
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You can see in the app what features they are currently working on (though there may be no guarantee to it).

I totally agree its good to have but for now have you tried to select Crop tool > rotate the image > adjust the crop to the rotated image? It may sound tedious compared to a simple menu to rotate (its even available in PS Express) but if you need it now, that may be your only option (as far as I have checked so far)
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Please! I like to keep my iPad on a platform when I draw so I need to rotate it digitally 
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I agree! But I did just figure out that you can lock the screen rotation in the control center on the iPad. Works for me!!
(Control Center is where you adjust volume, brightness, airplane mode etc. A simple swipe down from the upper right hand corner.)

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I agree and I will add that having the ability to move and rotate the canvas with your fingers as your draw, erase and select objects in Affinity Photo has been great. You can do all that without having to move your iPad and risk scratching the lens or the back of the iPad if you don’t use a case.  I’m an avid Photoshop user on my MBP and would love to integrate the iPad version into my workflow, but this is a much needed feature. 
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I agree as well.  Having used a Wacom for many years, it wasn't until Photoshop added rotate canvas that my sketching and painting really took off and I could finally leave pen and paper out of my workflow.
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I just can't wrap my head around the fact that there is no rotation in the mobile photoshop, it makes it unusable for illustration since most artists prefer not to rotate their device while working. I'm hoping this fix comes fast.

So many people discard the app because of the lack of rotation.
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Can’t rotate Canvas . I’m Paying a lot of money to adobe for Photoshop andLightroom & Photoshop for iPad . working all Day long for cutting out images, but I had to get affinity designer to work faster and easier thanks to the rotation canvas option. So desabused to realise that adobe still don’t know how to create that geasture desptite all the money entire world inject to that brand and their programmers. Who should we thanks?