Road Map to learn Elements 10 and organize thousands of photos saved by date taken

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Where is my road map for learning how to use the $19.99 annual storage I bought tonight? Let me explain why I feel that I need a ROADMAP. Is this page part of what I bought? I have far more photos than I want to upload (16,000 plus lots that I plan to scan from old photos). I know I want to upload some, but I don't even know how or which ones to bring into the Organizer from my 'date-taken' yyyy_mm_dd folders in My Pictures on my computer. What are some reasons to upload some of my pictures. I suppose to share with friends and family in some organized way, e.g. Son1, Son2, Husband, Trip to Japan-2011, Trip to Japan-2002, etc? Are these 'albums'? So would I make a few albums (?) with names related to areas they might be interested in? Or do I upload them for the safe storage? Or to make them available to me when I'm away from home so I can show them to others, e.g., my son's family in another city? Please help me think through some reasons to make various albums or libraries or catalogs, etc. I'm not sure I know enough to begin using Elements 10. I jumped from Elements 4.0 to 10.0. But I didn't do albums etc on 4.0. I also have CS5 and haven't begun using it either. Is it more for professional designers? When I got CS5, I was so lost that I decided to go back to Elements, but 4.0 won't work on my newer computers with Windows 7, etc. So I bought 10. That has thrown me for a loop but I want to land on my feet! I watched a few tutorials, but I needed a better OVERVIEW of what's now possible with Elements 10 (& CS5--if I ever get around to that). I finally decided to buy the annual storage for $19.99 and did that tonight. Now what is the best plan of attack? It seems to me I need to make some new categories (albums?) to use in uploading selected photos.
Before I discovered this new place (online, I am guessing), I was trying to figure out how to relate Elements 10 to my 16,000+ digitals I've taken using my 2004 Canon Rebel digital. That question is still there, but by paying for ON-LINE storage, the question looms larger and more profound. Am I in over my head or about to enter a whole new world of exciting artistic endeavors? The latter I hope. But I need a map on how to travel in this new world. Gail McLure
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