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So has Lightroom CC changed it's name to Lightroom Desktop? Or just Lightroom? (You name it both ways in your post). Suggestion to Marketing Dept: Lightroom Classic should have been named "Lightroom Desktop" (to keep people from freaking out). Then Lightroom CC could be just "Lightroom", or better yet "Lightroom Mobile" (same as the device apps). Presto! Problem solved? It's not too late to do the right thing?
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Posted 2 months ago

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If the employees can't get it right no wonder us users keep getting confused! I saw "LR Desktop" and I immediately thought of LR Classic.
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Official Response
It's dropped the CC (along with the rest of the CC apps) so it's now just Lightroom. Lightroom desktop refers to the Windows/Mac clients, Lightroom mobile for the iOS/Android clients. Lightroom Classic remains Lightroom Classic, but without the extra CC.

As to the naming choices... no comment! Since it remains confusing, you'll continue to see a whole load of stuff in brackets like Lightroom (the cloud-based photo service) and Lightroom Classic (the traditional folder-based desktop app).
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"Lightroom Classic" and "Lightroom Anywhere" would do it.
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Just opening up the various updates, and I like it myself. Lightroom is Lightroom, used to be Lightroom CC, and Classic is Lightroom Classic. No mistaking it that way. Although let's face it. If you are using it on anything mobile, it's Lightroom - because Classic doesn't work on Mobile devices, although technically a laptop is a mobile device. But I'm sure these days it only means iPads, iPhones and other such tablets and phones. 
Of course, both versions run on a desktop of either Windows or Apple varieties. There they are now clearly defined - apart from the different Logo anyway, as Lightroom - arguably the new standard, or Lightroom Classic the old standard... which I suspect is why Lightroom can't be named Lightroom Desktop, because both Classic and the Cloud version (Mobile? CC?) run on the desktop.
There shouldn't be much further confusion these days I'd think. Anyone looking for a Lightroom type package is going to see Lightroom Classic or Lightroom. One doesn't run mobile and one does Cloud/Mobile, So whatever the user wants the user gets.
But for me, in short, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic tell me all I need to know.

Now, when Lightroom has some of the nice features already built into Lightroom Classic then I'll be a happy man. As it is, I can't remember the last time I fired up Classic anyway,

... and finally. I see the syncing network speed for Adobe is still as dodgy as ever.
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"There shouldn't be much further confusion these days I'd think."

That's really funny RA, I spend like 10 minutes at the beginning of my Lightroom classes trying to explain the naming issues. It's a farce. 
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rachalmers: I can't image any pros (at least the ones who take thousands of shots a year), using Lightroom, and having to pay the $19.99 (or more!) for cloud storage when local storage is SO much cheaper and faster! Do you not have space for a RAID? Or maybe you collaborate with others (then it makes perfect sense!)
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Thousands a day, not year.
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It’s now called ‘Lightroom Cola‘.