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Hey, I got an idea concerning this feedback-site in general

my idea is rewarding people who come up with great ideas here (special offers on upgrades etc., or an extended trial of something (like 2 months for a program) or even free software)
This would make people get more interested in sharing their ideas, and so (i think) more great ideas will come up.

What do you think? :)
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  • excited; would be nice to have something like this

Posted 7 years ago

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Based on experience: we would get a flood of questionable ideas and people trying to claim that they were first, or that their idea is different somehow from the duplicate ideas that came before them. Then it would be difficult to find and discuss the few good ideas among the noise.

And many times it's hard to say which suggestions contributed to a feature -- we may have been developing a feature for years before it ships, or we may abstract many suggestions/requests into the final feature. (plus we sometimes get "suggestions" based on leaks from prerelease builds)

Overall, it seems better for people to suggest ideas for things that they think would really benefit their workflow. I'd much rather work on a feature that helps people get their work done faster or better than write another "plasma fractal" renderer just because a number of people thought it would be "cool" (and were looking for rewards for their suggestions/votes).

Also remember that people with consistent good ideas and feedback tend to get invited into prerelease programs, and work more closely with the product team.

P.S. It's also a legal and accounting nightmare, so I doubt they'd ever let us do it anyway.