Responding to Julieanne Kost's request for feedback on new Lightroom

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I've seen the Julieanne's video entitled 'The All-New Lightroom CC: An Overview' describing the new offering and cloud-based solution.  I think up until around 3:37 in the video things were clear about what new value proposition was being offered.  To state my opinion, it's not what I need, not really what I want to use - but as  Julieanne mentions, not everything is equally needed by everyone.  She's right, and I'm not at all going to state that this isn't necessary or appropriate for Adobe's very diverse customer-base.  
But where i do need to exercise my feedback muscles is in the incredibly poor experience created by what essentially is a marketing flub on the likes of 'New Coke' - diluting an established brand to bolster the exposure of a new product.  In short, robbing the name of Lightroom in an attempt to provide instant credibility to the new Cloud tool is a major disappointment.  While this might give the new cloud tool the surge in visibility that Adobe felt was needed, what it also has done is alienated an established customer base, caused confusion and worry, and ultimately led to frustration amongst some of your loudest fans.  
Not only that, it appears that while the Instagram-like filters and sliders are useful - the artist formerly know as Lightroom CC ("will the real Lightroom please stand up?") already provided cloud  hosted file sharing and synchronization across any number of devices with a far more capable set of modifiers.  
Finally, the real strength of this young upstart appears to be file synchronization - aka., native cloud storage interface and file management.  But in reality, that's far more like Adobe Bridge than it was Lightroom (the real one; I just can't bring myself to waste my time in differentiating between the name of the product I want and the one you're trying to force me to adopt.)  Bridge natively manages files; bridge was built to interface across the product suite that adobe offers for not just photography but the vast array of media files.  In truth, I'd still begrudge you if you tried to force the Bridge moniker on a new tool instead of just giving it its own name, but at least it would demonstrate the actual value proposition of the tool.  

I'm disappointed in Adobe's marketing department.   I'm disappointed that something as simple as calling it Lightroom Cloud (LC) or perhaps upgrading the existing product to Lightroom Pro before bastardizing the name of the established product wasn't the chosen approach.  I'm resentful that I now have to corrupt the way I think about the products I pay to use: honestly, how many of you went around asking for a "New Coke" instead of just saying "can I have a Coke, please?"  These are the absolute basics of branding and loyalty - and adobe flubbed it; i just can't think of a different way to state it.  Is it the end of the world? - no; not it's not.  But is it causing confusion and frustration within the community of your most loyal fans? - you'd be a foolish company indeed to think it doesn't.  To me, as a Product Owner, I'd also want to see data.  How many launches of the new product are terminated or abandoned within the first minute as customers realize they've launched the wrong tool since it launched?  How many users are selecting authentic Lightroom CC versus impostor Lightroom CC since launch?  What is the trend from the data?  I doubt anyone would share that, and would echo earlier sentiment that it doesn't matter - even if it's the best product since Photoshop, it's still needs its own name.

Change the name.  Make it clear that the valuable tools we photographers rely on like Lightroom CC will continue to exist as independent products, and confirm to that same customer base that Adobe is continuing to evolve with new 'additional' tools that will be added to the suite with their own names that clearly define what they are and why they exist.
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  • frustrated and alienated

Posted 2 years ago

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Agree totally.

What concerns me particularly is the confusion it causes in the support area.

Anyone searching now for help using "Lightroom CC" now is going to get a mix of answers some relating to the new product some to the old one. A complete own goal by whichever moron inside Adobe came up with this marketing concept.

Marketing courses use examples of disastrous marketing choices as part of their education. In a few years, this idiotic decision by Adobe will be up there at the top of the charts! 

I won't be using "New Coke" for a long time until it is a grown up product suitable for the marketplace. 
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Yes, it's a Classic fubar :)
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User of LR since the first release, Lightroom without number! Not sure how many years ago! No interested in the cloud but I understand others can be of course.
I fully agree about the confusion and frustration caused by Adobe marketing in this case. At least I find this worrying. Depressing. First time I have doubt with Adobe...