LightRoom - BUG - Resource Leakage (memory?)

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Performance bug in LR.
This bug has been present in both LR4 and LR5. Basically as I keyword photos ( I have a relatively complex keyword dictionary) LR gets exponentially slower after about 100 photos have had keywords applied. It is so slow it might take 2 or 3 minutes to respond to a select (left click mouse on an unselected photo) - if I persist longer, then response time can go to more than 10 minutes - eventually it just hangs. Prior to getting to this stage it has other problems with "timing". eg lets say I have 3 contiguous photos selected and then select another not contiguous (Cntrl left click), then click on a colour attribute to apply to all 4, then left click on a new photo - what may happen is the new photo gets the colour attribute applied - so the processing of the last click(selection) happened before the processing of the previous click (apply colour attribute). If I exit LR (with or without optmising catalogue) when I come back in its all good. The machine in question runs Windows 7, it has 6GB of memory and conventional disk.
Same problem also happenend in Vista with LR4. More recently I have been using a Lenovo Yoga Ultra laptop for travel (Windows 8.1, 256 SSD, 8GB) to which I copy my entire catalogue and all previews (I have about 50,000 photos) then add (import) photos as I travel. Then when home I copy the entire catalogue/previews back (effectively overwriting the previous catalogue and previews) as well as the new photos. This laptop also shows the same symptoms. The reason I mention the laptop is that it is a pretty pristine environment with performance hardware (ie SSD and 8GB). There are other symptoms as well - if I have other apps open they start to flash up and then go back to LR; and there are multiple LR related icons appearing and dissappearing on the Windows 7 "taskbar" along the bottom of the screen. So to me it looks like classic thrashing caused by a "resource leakage" bug. I am happy to provide other diagnostic information as required. The problem is quite repeatable.
The probelm really only happens as a result of keywording - I can do lots of other LR work in Library or Develop without issues.
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