Lightroom: Ability to choose the resize method/algorithm during export

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I would like to choose resize method/algorithm for resize during exporting pictures from Lightroom. Like bilinear and bicubic, sinc and lanczos, nearest-neighbor etc.

I made a few test, but exporting in full-res from LR and then resize in other software give me much better results:

Img 1: LR full | LR 2048 | LR 1024 | ZPS 2048 - bilinear | ZPS 1024 - supersampling
Img 2: LR full | LR 2048 | LR 1024 | ZPS 2048 - lanczos | ZPS 1024 - supersampling | ZPS 1024 - bilinear

Please, open it in tabs and switch between them for better comparison.
ZPS is Zoner Photo Studio that I made resize from full-res (LR full) picture.

I love especially that grain in smaller resolution and I want to keep it. LR, however, do not let me keep it in smaller resolution.
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Have you tried some output sharpening in Lightroom? It improves the apparent sharpness of exported images quite a bit. I default to medium display sharpening for downscaled images for web display. 
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You can use a Photoshop droplet in the Lightroom export dialog to use the resize algorithms in Photoshop instead of leaving it up to Lightroom.
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Yes, but workflow is not pleasant. It reduces export speed dramatically.
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The primary issue with applying LR Grain effects is that the results will not be consistent when the image is resized for screen viewing or printing. In addition if the LR Grain 'Size' control is set greater than 25 it will soften the image. There is an easy "LR only" workflow that will provide good results without using PS, plugins, or other editing apps.

1) Apply all settings to the image file except Grain Effects.

2) Export to the desired final image size and apply desired Output Sharpening. You can also choose to apply the output sharpening in step 3 below or both places! Consider this Export file to be your "working copy" for a specific target usage (screen viewing, Web posting, printing). Create an Export copy for each specific and size and usage. This gives you FULL control over the final image sharpness including Grain definition!

3) Apply LR Grain Effects settings to the resized Export file and any additional settings desired to achieve the desired "look." Remember to keep Grain Size setting at 25 or less!

IMHO this is no more difficult than using a plugin or an 'Edit In' other application. You pays your money and takes your choice!