Photoshop: Texturize or Wrap or Displace Two layers in 1 click

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 Years later...texturizing, or wrapping or  displacing one image over another is STILL a herculean effort for PS geniuses ---  WHY?

  Why can't I wrap one layer around the layer below it in ONE CLICK (get it: think simple: think easy)

  Sure - provide some options, like a selection within the layer below being wrapped, or the ability to push/pull/warp the top layer which provides the texture

BUT PLEASE -- I'm tired of everything in PS taking sooOOOoo many steps, and being sooOOOOo laborious. Make it so my 8 year old nephew can do it. (If professionals want to do it twenty steps saving B&W images and what not, let them go ahead and be perfectionists) - but stop making me bang head against the wall to do what should be ONE CLICK.

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  • tired of banging my head against the wall

Posted 2 years ago

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Pro tip: when requesting a feature, being snarky and condescending may not be the best approach.
Also, being clear about what it is you want will help.

"...texturizing, or wrapping or displacing one image over another... Why can't I wrap one layer around the layer below it in ONE CLICK "

Are you suggesting that the "Filter->Distort->Displacement..." filter should have the option to use the layer below as the displacement map? If so, then yes, this would be a welcome feature. Or even using the mask layer, like the "Lens Blur" filter allows for would be more convenient than having to save out a new psd file just to use as our displacement map.
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I agree with Max on all fronts.

I have long hoped that we could see Displace gain some preview options, that would be helpful.

But as for it being "complicated" or wanting to do it to "two layers", that's not that hard. But yes, you might actually have to learn more than the surface of the program to do it. 

This is as easy as it gets though.

  • Make your layer(s) each a smart object. Right Click, Convert to Smart Object
  • Use the Displace Filter on that Smart Object layer.
  • Now if you want to apply that same displacement map, and settings to your other layers (which presumably if you're trying to do two layers at once you would) then hold down OPTION or ALT and drag a duplicate of the smart filter to the next layer. 
  • Now everything gets applied the same to the next layer. It can't be much faster than that.

Photoshop isn't built for 8 year olds, it was engineered for professionals and has trickled, then gushed, into consumer enthusiast markets as a tool. So I'll argue that I don't want you to make the tool of my career and profession for 8 year olds because that's when we lose control, which eliminates the ability to find new ways of being creative. If you want a cookie cutter program, there are plenty out there. "sooOOOOo" there are lots of resources out there to learn the program, most of which are free. I don't understand much about quantum physics, but I'm sure for those who have studied it, the foundation is simple to them. "sooOOOOo" take the time, keep learning, and it won't warrant banging your head against a wall in the future.
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Ah, seems there is another request for a displacement map update, too:
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Thanks for your reply.
Wording in a nice way - is, well nice.
Wording request in a clear, concise way - is, well very nice, and smart too.

I get it.

What's missing is the vision here. Photoshop is incredibly powerful, we all know that. There is more than one way to do quite a few things in Photoshop - like bevel and emboss, the EASY way is a layer style, but you can do this other ways. When Adobe added in layer styles - for ease of use - it didn't stop people from doing things the hard way.

I am a professional - but I don't have all day - I want my job to be quick and easy - that doesn't make me any less a professional. I LOVE layer styles, because I want it quick and easy. *****PLEASE**** get the vision - quick and easy. Professionals want efficiency.

The reason little or nothing changes is because our mindset is stuck in the past. Then a disruptor comes along (iPhone) and everybody wants to jump on the wagon.

SoooOOOoo we need more details about what quick and easy would look like and feel like. Here are some thoughts that will help move the vision forward:
  • In the displace filter, there is a option to use the layer below or the selected area of the layer below as the displacement map [as opposed to opening up a dialog box to select the file]
  • Using the selection of the layer below is critical because I may want just the face of a person
  • Still allow somebody to choose a file - for those who want greater control
  • If they select the layer below - as opposed to a psd file - provide a set of controls to make the appropriate adjustments to the layer below such as:
                     - changing the layer or the selection of the layer below to black and white
                     - adjusting the brightness and contrast of the layer below (or selection)
                     - automatically adjust the layer or the selection of the layer below; but all those adjustments to be changed manually             ::::  how does that look?
  • What I see are two visuals in the Displace Filter Dialog
  • (1) The end result - that is the top layer or the layer being bumped or displaced
  • (2) A side view of BOTH layers with space between them, with the controls to change the brightness/contrast and blur of the bottom or displacing layer --- such that the layer below or selection of the layer below looks extruded based on the user's adjustments

  • as the user adjusts the controls they can see two things:
  • (1) the end results
  • (2) the height of the displacement from the layer below
Similar to the Liquify Filter - a new Displacement Filter dialog with an Apply/Cancel - it would allow adjustments and viewing the results - then when the user is content with their adjustments they can Apply the filter

There you go - there are some thoughts there on what an improved displacement filter would feel like

Thanks - for making it quick and easy -- So I can spend more time CREATING and less time frustrated with a tedious process