Photoshop: Request new feature for Vanishing Point Filter

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I got the idea from this picture:

My idea is:
You could generate images like this using nothing more than an outer frame, and a tool that scales it in for a repeated pattern all the way to the vanishing point!

I could take a photo "down the street", then remove the center of the photo so I only have a frame with a sky, a building (section) in the left side of the frame and a few meters of street at the bottom of the image. Then I would use a new 'vanishing point/repeater tool' to automatically copy and scale down the frame and fit it inside the white area of the original frame, so now I have twice the amount of meters of street and building. The tool should do this recursively until there is no white part in the frame, just a vanishing point at the end of an endless street with an endless building next to it.

Features of this filter:
Using sine/cosine to give a non-straight street. Eg. Every time a frame copy is scaled down and inserted into the original frame, it is moved a set number of pixels left or right. I suppose two sliders could let me specify an amplitude and frequency for the sideways movement of the frame such that the road would curve first left, then right, then disappear into the vanishing point (A frequency of "1" = a full period of a sinus curve). Furthermore; By using this filter, I should be able to take a thin 2D frame with a single line of straws of grass at the bottom, and then use the curve/amplitude sliders to move the grass far enough sideways so it does not appear to be the same frame which is scaled down. This should let me create a grassy field all the way into the vanishing point.

For Experts:
If I had a frame with some tree-tops in the bottom, and transparent fields in between, then, instead of simply scaling the frame down and inserting it into the original frame, a third slider should let me specify just how far inside the original frame I want the copy to be inserted, like halfway inside the original frame, placing the original frame on top, so the scaled frame is visible through the transparent parts of it. This way I can make an endless forest landscape - as seen from bird-eye perspective - that continues into the vanishing point. (Obviously I'd use other filters - including the current vanishing point tool - to cut out a piece of this endless forest and attach it as forests / treelines in other bird-eye perspective images).

The ramifications:
I believe such a filter/tool would have many uses! For example, I could photograph a single row of people and use the new tool to turn them into an (endless) crowd of people (requires the "for experts" tool option).
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