Photoshop: Reordering tabs in Photoshop is a bit inconvenient

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Reordering tabs in Photoshop seems a bit inconvenient. To change the order of the tabs you must not move the mouse cursor outside the tab area while holding the left mouse button. If you go outside the tab area, once you go back (while still holding the left mouse button) you can't change the tab order anymore.

It seems a bit inconvenient to focus to keep the cursor in the small tab area to change the order of long tabs.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Gabriel, are you a tablet user by chance? Do you think making the tolerance to cause a document to detach from a tab group larger would help?

There's a similar issue here for panels:
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I used to work with a tablet when Photoshop didn't have tabs.

Just found an interesting behavior:

If you drag the first tab over the second one by moving out of the tab area, the tab reordering works.


If you drag the second one over the first one, the reordering doesn't work.

doesn't work:

This might actually be a bug. I tried moving the second tab before the first one by hovering the first tab in different regions, but nothing happened.

Moving the first tab over/after the second tab always works ok.
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And after 3 years this design flaw still exists. way to go Adobe!

Plus, it's not a bug, it's a design flaw.
When you said it worked by "Moving the first tab over/after the second tab always works ok" - it's still a design flaw.

When you test with more than 3 tabs - when your mouse cursor accidentally moves out of the tab region, the tab you're dragging will ALWAYS be pushed to the right-most spot. Because Photoshop is thinking you're playing with panel/window LAYOUT and by default will always push the panel / window to the end of the stack. Try this with any other panels like "Layers", "Channels", "Paths", "History", and so on. when you try to combine panels together, same thing happens.

There are lots of rooms for improvements, Adobe. Do Something!
Swatch management, Brush management are all a mess. No search functions, no folder to group things together, etc. etc.
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And once more, after another 3 years, this problem still exists.
Well, at least we all know that Adobe isn't doing nothing! :D

The document tabs should be re-order-able after you detach them from the document bar.
Either that, or there should be some sort of key-shortcut to move the document you're currently working in, to circumvent fixing the problem entirely, as that appears to be a long-standing tradition with Adobe.

Personally, i really appreciate all the work that has gone into photoshop so far, and it is by no means a bad program.
Rather, quite the opposite.
But i truly do feel that, when it comes to user-friendly interface features, there is so much room for improvement still...

I just hope that criticism like this won't be ignored until the eventual heat-death of the universe, since that seems to be what's been happening the last couple of years.
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Really wish you would look into this since Photoshop still doesn't follow the standard and expected behavior of tabs following the order that they've been arranged, not the order they were created.

Just tried keeping the tab perfectly within the tab bar when moving it and it didn't make any difference, the order is still based on tab creation and not tab placement or position.