Photoshop CC: Ability to organize and reorder Paragraph / Character Styles in the Styles panel via drag & drop

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There is currently no way to drag and drop styles to move them around in the Character / Paragraph Styles pallette in Photoshop CC. It makes the management of styles difficult once you have more than a dozen or so in that pallette. Please correct this!
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Posted 6 years ago

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Whelp, four years later and still no update. Adobe sucks at giving designers what they want. Any better alternative yet?
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Please make it possible to rearrange character styles in Photoshop.
(presets manager solution doesn't work for non-object styles)

Being able to combine this with layer styles would be a great advanced tool.
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Designers have been asking for this for more than 3 years. When can we expect this to be implemented? 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Re-ordering / folders in Paragraph Styles panel.

There are no organisational tools in the Paragraph Styles panel currently, such as being able to re-order styles and create folders for style sets (Header, Footer, Main content etc) as you would in InDesign. Being able to do this would make the feature far more useful than it is currently with very little development work.
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I can't believe we are still waiting for this to be implemented. Seeing how buggy the past 2 updates have been, the dev team is obviously hard pressed to get stacks of new eye-candy features in there while neglecting basic design essentials like the ability to organise paragraph styles and character styles. I reckon the ability to organise brushes, as seen in CC 2018, is long overdue. Adding a new variable font feature that isn't even supported outside Photoshop yet, ahead of addressing an ACTUAL NEEDED FEATURE that is many years old, is very disappointing. 
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For Adobe, this is unacceptable! For four years - nothing done for this option to happen? We are still paying customers and this should be an easy fix.
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Hey, Adobe, say something!
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Four years? I guess it's normal when it is Adobe.  
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Jouni Karppanen

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New 2019 version out, still no update on this. What the hell, Adobe?
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Six years and counting. Can't wait to leave Adobe forever.
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Adobe, is this a joke? We've been using this half-baked clunky "character styles" feature for 6 years!