Lightroom Classic: Rename on Import (Add mode - leaving files in place, just renaming them)

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I'd really like the 'Rename' function added as an option to the Import (Add) screen.  It's available for all the other options (Copy as DNG, Copy, Move), but not 'Add'..  

Just because we leave the files in the folder they're already placed in doesn't mean that we don't need to rename them while importing them to the Lightroom catalogue.  

I'd like to be able to just do a straightforward rename on import using and keep existing extension etc, as it will enable me to strip spaces from existing filenames very easily, saving me having to manually rename them before publishing them to certain publishing services (at least one of my publishing services replaces spaces in filenames with underscores, which then means the filename on the service doesn't match the filename in my catalogue..  

Renaming on import will eradicate that problem so the filenames will be legal before even adding to the pubishing service.

It's a dead simple feature request, since it already exists in every other import mode.

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Posted 1 month ago

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Not to negate your feature request, but after using the "Add" option on an import you can do the same "rename" that you are asking for.  Just select the images from the latest import and use the F2 button on the keyboard (I don't think there is a menu item for this).  This brings up the file renaming dialog box which is the same one you get in the Import dialog for the copy and move options.
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Of course there is a menu item for that too: Library > Rename Photos.
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Yes there is.. but that's not "Rename on Import"..  You can apply presets and metadata once your media is imported too..  but there's also the option of having it applied during import, which potentially saves at least two steps of a workflow...
Allowing "Rename On Import" during add saves another.

I know we don't want to get into a whole list of features that would overtake the import process - but renaming during import is already considered a strong enough option to have included it in Copy As DNG, Copy, and Move process..  it just makes sense to add it to the only other import process.