Remove/Hide Recent Tab, when creating a new document.

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I've always loathed any
implementation of any "Recent Files" implemented in any program. To my luck, I've been able to disable or change the default screens to completely ignore them, in most other programs that I've used. Not so in Photoshop.

A few things to clarify:

1. I like how the updated "New Document" window looks. Specifically how the presets are saved under useful and clear categories.

2. The "Legacy" interface does work, as a last ditch workaround; But I would prefer modifying the new interface.

3. I've previously used Photoshop, back in the creative suite days, so I find a lot of these changes frustrating, but I'm willing to give them a chance.

Reasons why I don't think the "Recent Tab" works:

1. It saves EVERY document size you've used. This becomes annoying for those one off projects. As they tend to pile up.

2. No way to sort or control the madness. After opening Photoshop a few times, trying to quickly find "that one" size is no longer quick. Having to remember how many different documents you've used between now and that one time when you've used that one document size you're looking for is ridiculous. It could be 3 presets or 17 presets down the list.

3. Unnecessary processing time. I know it's a fraction of a second, but still...

It's good that there is a Recent tab, If someone wants to go back looking for something, but having it as the default screen is pointless.


Ways to improve the New Document interface (according to my thoughts):

1. Change the default tab to be "Saved". Or at least have the option to change the default tab. It would be far more productive to navigate a list of controlled favorites, than a random mess of random options.

2. Organization. The option to chose the icons or create your own categories. By changing the icon colour or grouped categories, such as how the other tabs are laid out. (Blank Document Presets & Templates). For now, it is possible to organize, through naming conventions ("Print: Banner Wide 1" or "Print: Banner Wide 2")

3. Edit Presents. Typos are bound to happen. Within the name or forgetting a zero. Currently a new preset would have to be created and then old one would need to be deleted. Provide a simple indication when in Edit Mode, such as highlight the background of the icon or details area.

4. One Click Use Button. Just like how the Delete icon appears on a selected saved preset, provide a Use icon. It would simply provide a slightly faster way to select the document size of choice. Combining the select and create actions, into one.

5. More Useful Previews / Icons. The current icons really don't provide much distinction between presets (except for the pre-made preset categories). More variety would be welcomed; extra short, extra tall, square, etc.

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