Photoshop 2015: Extract Assets to multiple sizes in one step

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Thanks for all your hard work, folks!

I'm looking forward to testing out some of the new ideas that are on the table. I know it's always a balance as to what priorities are handled and how.

That said, it's a huge bummer to see the removal of the ability to Extract Assets at multiple sizes *in one step and with out layer scripting for Generator* in the new release of Photoshop 2015.

I've heard that the adoption rate wasn't perceived as being high. But here's some insight as to why that may have been misinterpreted as not being valued.

Having worked at agencies, startups, and orgs, I can say that some design shops have a small number of people who prepare assets for a digital build in comparison to the number of overall photoshop users at an organization.

For instance, a place might have 50 designers, and then only 3 people that export and prepare assets. Yet literally all of the projects go through those three people and fast exporting and prep is critical.

As you can see, this could read as low adoption, but the value is huge.

Another thing, I'm not so sure everyone knew about it. But that's more of an awareness/marketing issue and not a hard-fact pointing to the lack of value in the feature.

Lastly, there are definitely some of us out there (like members of my team who handle exporting of my designs), who were using that feature *extensively* for native app development. It's really unfortunate that we're left in the dust so to speak as the new wave of tools is developed.

As far as how things went down, I'd much rather have seen the functionality remain in place, and once when a new approach was put together to cover this functionality, *then* see the extraction of assets to multiple sizes via the EA dialog removed.

At any rate, hopefully this conveys some of the disappointment in seeing this removed in the way that it was, and some thoughts as to it's value and how it could have possibly been handled differently.

Thanks for reading + keep up the good work overall.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
Thank you for your feedback in letting us know that creating multi-resolution assets is important to you. For now, you still can continue to rename layers to get assets in different resolutions.
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Official Response
Another way to create multi resolution assets from a PSD may be to upload your PSD to your Creative Cloud assets folder and then use the "Extract" service that is described here:

Using the service, you'll be able to upload your PSD to the cloud, view it in a browser, select layers and then extract any layer to assets of various resolutions.

I hope this helps.