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I've asked since Photomerge was incorporated, for us to be able to click-and-drag to recenter panoramas within the final image space.  Without this feature, Photomerge fails to create successful panoramas for me about 90% of the time.  Every panorama creator I've ever used, aside from Photomerge, has this functionality.

Here's an example of just such a problem, Photomerge on top, an auto-created panorama simply clicked-and-dragged on the bottom.

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Posted 9 months ago

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I haven't used any other panorama app. After the panorama is created in LR Photomerge, I use LR's Transform tools to fix any perspective issues (like the one you describe). Perhaps that's how LR is intended to be used: provide a raw, unfinised panorama (it does output a DNG) that the user can then modify as required. The other dedicated panorama apps would need to include this if they intend for the user to obtain a finished panorama without leaving the app. So, it may be a case of LR just doing the same but with a different workflow, as it's a processing app with panorama creation added on (so they won't add a tool to Photomerge if that tool already exists elseqhere in the LR)...
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Actually, there are stitching errors and funny warps going on in the top image that can't be fixed with LR's transform tools. Having to create panoramas fairly regularly, I do encounter these scenarios quite a bit and to fix it, I create the pano and edit the raw data in LR then send to PS, with one of the images used to stitch, to try and repair, then use the Adaptive Wide Angle filter there. Every time, I wished LR did a better job. For landscape shots, LR is more than fine for me as the bad stitching gets lost in the foliage but for interiors(which is where I use it most), I pray, every single time, for it to do a good job.  Lee, what did you use for that bottom image? p.s. I do vote for your idea. 
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Not only that problem of recentering... Also there is need to obtain the final pano in layers where one can fix problems of things moving and ghosting. And also it would be great if there could be a way to downsize the individual images that make the pano. Sometimes one needs only to see if the pano is good enough, not the final size.
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I can provide many other examples where Photomerge fails to put the panorama in the right place and that the result can't be fixed with the transform tools.  This happens on about 90% of the panoramas I try with Photomerge.