Photoshop: Quick Select - Refine Edge - ability to set a custom brush preset

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Let me explain the problem.

Start with any photo

Then make a brush make it very big at least 10 inch's across should do nicely and with an exciting outline so you can really see it.

Save it.

Then go into the quick selection tool and select an area your photo hair or fur a tree all are good choices.

Then go into "Refine Edge" choose say 1.9 and try to use your brush.

You will find that the brush is now that big flash bag you just created and useless at re-defining anything, look at its shape maybe magnify the picture you will clearly see it has a flash bag shape of the brush you just created.

So now try to change the brush back to some brush type you think will work better but you will find it will not let you select a new brush type.

So now you are stuck you cannot use the "Refine Edge" any more. I tried every to change the brush back, using different brushes before I started - re-set the tool - nothing worked.

The only way out I found was to re-set all my tools close and re-open photo shop.

Now although my new brush had not gone away, it is still in my brush list the problem with the tool had the "Refine Edge" tool brush had it was back to normal. (But I of course had lost all my tool settings).

All you need to do to fix this is let users chose their own "Refine Edge" brush, say by going into the "Brush Presets" panel and being able to choose a better brush. Right now you cannot do that, once you are in "Refine Edge" it will not let you choose a brush type.

I have explained it to one of your men they said they would try to report it. I cannot tell if it happens every time to everyone it certainly happened to him when he tried it. I am on a iMac running Photoshop CC.

But by simply letting people chose their brush the problem will go away no matter how often or not it happens. Not quite sure why it won't let you choose a brush at this point it might be a use full enhancement to this tool.
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Setting this to a feature request. Currently, only a standard, round brush shape is supported.
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Thanks, I was happy with the standard round brush however when it re-set it self to this brush I had created a 10 inch flash bang I was not so happy and as I said had a lot of trouble re-setting it. Now it has not happened again but by allowing people easily to re-set this brush it will solve any future problems.

(I am now starting to think it was just one of those things that seem to happen some times for just no reason. But it would have been very annoying if I was one of those folks with 100's of special tools set up only to have to loose them all.)

I know you folks at Adobe are busy but then developing new features is the only way photoshop can move forward.

Thanks for your reply.